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BladesUSA Black Jack Slapper Straightforward Self Defense Review

The is a melee self defense weapon sold in Amazon. The item is produced by BladesUSA, a company that has been identified with self defense tools, for people looking for a weapon they can use to protect themselves in a physical confrontation. How reliable is it in self defense situations? Let us review in this […]

BladesUSA 904 Heavy Rubber Nunchaku Self Defense Review

A nunchaku features two shafts, usually made of wood or any hardened materials, connected by a chain. It is also popularly known as nunchuks or chainsticks. This melee self defense weapon is very famous in the martial arts circle, and it was seen as the weapon of choice of ninjas in the popular culture as […]

The Pros and Cons of the Strike Spike Self Defense Tool

Aside from preparedness, the element of surprise is another factor that will surely turn a potentially dangerous situation into something that you can manage. An unexpected counterattack will immediately make your opponent think twice before proceeding to assault you. The mentioned situation will provide you with the opportunity to defend yourself effectively or run away […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nunchucks for Self Defense

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ?” This was the question sent to us recently via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. Nunchucks are also known as nunchuks or chainsticks, but the original name of the weapon is nunchaku. The origin of the melee weapon is unclear as some historians claim that it originated in […]

Choosing Between a Wooden Vs Aluminum Bat for Self Defense

“Which one should I choose for home protection between a wooden vs , and why?” This pretty straightforward question was sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. The wooden vs aluminum bat debate has been going back and forth in the baseball community for a long time with the aluminum-made always standing out […]

What is the Difference Between a Slapjack and Blackjack

The slapjack and blackjack melee self defense weapons fall under the classification of clubs because they are used as blunt weapons. The two may look very feeble due to their sizes, which are at times no longer than the forearm (including the handle). Despite their sizes, these have the capability to cause serious injury, knockout or […]