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Inferno Fury Crossbow Self Defense Weapon Review

Silent but deadly. Such feature is what makes a crossbow stand out from a gun in self defense or when hunting. This is the reason why self defense experts, survivalists and people who are on a look for the apocalypse prefer this weapon. In this article, we are going to review one of the popular products in Amazon today, the Inferno […]

Pros and Cons of Using Crossbow for Self Defense

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of using crossbow for self-defense?” This question was recently sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. So, here is a quick discussion of the pros and cons of using this weapon for self defense. Advantages of Utilizing Crossbow for Self Defense The most obvious tactical advantage provided […]

The Truth about the Art of Catching Arrows

Someone recently sent us a question through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag which asks, “It is possible to catch an arrow in mid-air like the ones they portray in movies? What particular martial arts teaches this?” As impossible as it may seem, someone was able to achieve the feat of catching arrows in mid-air. Anthony […]