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The Importance of Gender-Specific Self Defense Training for Women

“Why should a woman take a self defense training that corresponds to her gender?” This was the question recently sent to us via Mailbag. Women are More Frequently Targeted Despite all talks that men and women are created equal, men generally have the physical advantage over women. This is the reason why there is an […]

Cheap Ways to Prevent Burglars From Visiting Your Home

Burglars strike when you least expect them to be. The worst thing that could happen in a burglary is when they also attack the members of your household. So, to prevent the loss of property and even life, it is important for you to know the tips how to prevent burglars from breaking into your […]

Use of Perfume Bottle for Self Defense

We have already shown you how to turn keychains, handkerchief, pens and other materials usually found in the pocket for self defense. So, the next thing that will be discussed here is the use of perfume bottle for self defense. Here are various ways to use your perfume bottle for self defense: 1. Spray the […]

Throwing Knives Vs Shuriken — Which One is Better

One reader asked which one is better between throwing knives vs shuriken. So far, there hasn’t been a definitive answer to this topic because the two self defense weapons are completely different from each other, with each one having a feature that can beat the other. While our aim is not to put a halt […]

Benefits and Downsides of Using Shuriken for Self Defense

A question sent to us recently via the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag reads, “What are the pros and cons of using shuriken for self defense?” Shurikens are also known as “throwing stars” because the popular types of these throwing weapons are basically shaped like stars. The known designs of the shuriken usually have three […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nunchucks for Self Defense

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of using ?” This was the question sent to us recently via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. Nunchucks are also known as nunchuks or chainsticks, but the original name of the weapon is nunchaku. The origin of the melee weapon is unclear as some historians claim that it originated in […]

How to Defend Yourself Against Bear Attacks

Self defense is not just about protecting yourself from people. This is also about defending yourself from animals or elements that may endanger your life. The question that we will answer right now is about bear attacks. This is based on the question sent to us by a reader asking, “How can I defend myself […]

How Will Slackline Exercises Benefit Someone

A reader sent us a message through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. His question read, “I recently saw Lyoto Machida practice on slacklines to prepare himself for his match with Chris Weidman. Now tell me, how will slackline exercises help someone in a fight or in an overall aspect?” Benefit of Slackline Exercises There are […]

Which is Better Between a Tanto Knife vs Drop Point Knife

A question sent to us recently reads, “Which one should I choose for self defense between a tanto knife vs drop point knife?” Which is More Suited for Self Defense Between a Tanto Knife vs Drop Point Knife Between a tanto knife vs drop point knife, the former is better designed for self defense. A […]