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Benefits and Downsides of Using Shuriken for Self Defense

A question sent to us recently via the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag reads, “What are the pros and cons of using shuriken for self defense?” Shurikens are also known as “throwing stars” because the popular types of these throwing weapons are basically shaped like stars. The known designs of the shuriken usually have three […]

How Will Slackline Exercises Benefit Someone

A reader sent us a message through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. His question read, “I recently saw Lyoto Machida practice on slacklines to prepare himself for his match with Chris Weidman. Now tell me, how will slackline exercises help someone in a fight or in an overall aspect?” Benefit of Slackline Exercises There are […]

Pistol Jam — Ways to Clear It Fast During Self Defense

Your pistol is your best friend when you run out of options to defend yourself in life-threatening events. However, it could also be your worst nightmare if it fails to work right when you need it the most. Recently, we have received a message via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag asking us ways on how […]

Martial Arts that Offer Self Defense Weapons Training

A new email came in Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag recently with the question: “Are there martial arts that concentrate on self defense weapons training alone? Please give me some examples of these?” Answer to the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag Question There are many forms of martial arts that offer weapons training. However, these […]