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Can You Use the 5.5-Inch Batman Batarang for Self Defense

The is inspired by a weapon of the same name used by the Dark Knight Batman in his fight against crime. Thus, this product does not need much introduction to people. We have seen this in the comics, TV series and movies as the weapon of choice of the caped crusader. It has been very […]

Maxam Stun Gun Self Defense Review

The is an electroshock close quarter combat self defense weapon from BF Systems. BF Systems is a known vendor of household items ranging from accessories, party tools, kitchen items, and home appliances. However, the product is sold by E-Shop Company through Amazon. In this article, we will take a look at the specs, pricing, and […]

TAC Force TF-705 Folding Knife Review

The ┬áis a folding knife that can be used for self defense. It has serrated stainless steel blade, aluminum-made handle with red finish, and several action points. The item is sold for $9.56 in Amazon. So far, this product has garnered more than four out of five stars in Amazon and is listed as the […]

Ninja Shuko Hand Claws Self Defense Weapons Review

The are designed to replicate one of the tools used by ninjas. These are worn in the hands to improve their traction when climbing, scaling walls or crawling in slippery surfaces like ice. The claws of these are actually made of steel with adjustable nylon wristbands. These ninja claws are available in a 2-piece set […]