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Colt Defender Pistol BB Gun Tactical Review

The sold in Amazon is produced by Colt, the world’s most famous firearm manufacturer. However, the one sold in the online store is just a replica of the real thing. Instead of bullets, it uses BB rounds. Colt Defender Product Specifications The Colt Defender BB gun has a design similar to the .40 caliber pistol […]

Pennsylvania Gun Laws

Pennsylvania Gun Laws are based on the Article 1, Section 21 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution which reads, “The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned.” In general, the rules and regulations of Pennsylvania Gun Laws are similar to the majority of states in […]

Illinois Gun Laws

The State Constitutional Provision that serves as the basis of Illinois Gun Laws states, “Subject only to the police power, the right of the individual citizen to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Validity of Illinois Gun Permits in Other States So far, Illinois Gun Laws do not recognize permits issued in other […]