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A Close Look at the Kabar Last Ditch Knife

The is specially designed for law enforcement officials to serve as their protection if their encounter with a potential suspect gets out of their control, or it turns out to be a life-threatening situation on their part. This self defense weapon is so small that it can be concealed within the pocket of a vest […]

How Reliable is the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife in Self Defense

The is an innovative self defense weapon. It is basically a switchblade knife that can be folded to copy the shape of a regular credit card. Currently, he folding knife is priced at $2.19. The product is Amazon’s number one best-seller in the Utility Knives category. But the question is, how reliable is the item […]

TAC Force TF-705 Folding Knife Review

The  is a folding knife that can be used for self defense. It has serrated stainless steel blade, aluminum-made handle with red finish, and several action points. The item is sold for $9.56 in Amazon. So far, this product has garnered more than four out of five stars in Amazon and is listed as the […]

Throwing Knives Vs Shuriken — Which One is Better

One reader asked which one is better between throwing knives vs shuriken. So far, there hasn’t been a definitive answer to this topic because the two self defense weapons are completely different from each other, with each one having a feature that can beat the other. While our aim is not to put a halt […]

Why Choose a Full Tang Knife

Recently, we received an email from an avid reader concerning a full tang knife. His email reads: “I keep on encountering the term ‘full tang’ when looking for a survival knife. What does this term mean and what benefit could I get from a full tang knife?” What is a Full Tang Knife? In weaponry, […]

Review on the Self Defense Advantages of Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife

The is a self defense weapon with multi-functionality. It is basically a knife combined with a knuckle duster. The length of the blade of this self defense weapon is 3 5/8 inch while its overall length extends up to 8 5/8 inches. The Tac Force TF-530BK Tactical Knife is made up of stainless steel. Then, […]