A Complete Review of the GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm

Preparedness is among the crucial elements of self defense as it conditions your mind and body to react accordingly to any situation. This will also lessen the tendency of causing panic, which may cloud your judgment in times when a potential danger is lurking in your household. This element is usually what causes people to make rash decisions that may either result to more harm to themselves or do something that may aggravate their situation.

In order to arm or consider your options before the danger reaches you, one option that you have to consider is getting the GE Personal Security Door Stop Alarm. This article will show you how this product works, its price, and if it is worth purchasing.


The door stop alarm of GE is 9-inch long, 5.5-inch wide, and 2.2-inches thick. The product is very light as it barely weighs 0.3 ounces.


The GE Personal Security door alarm originally costs $19.99 in Amazon, but its seller has slashed down its price to $10.30 with free shipping offers on orders above $35.

How It Works

Setting up the door alarm is easy. All you have to do is place its battery. Then, slide its switch to “On”. Next, place it at the base of the door you want to monitor.

If someone tries to open the door where you placed the alarm, it will trigger its sliding button that will immediately give off a piercing noise equal to 120 decibels. The alarm will only shut down if the sliding button is no longer pressed.


The product is very easy to install and reliable in terms of protecting your home from any unwanted or unexpected entry. Its sound is loud enough to wake you up even if you are in a deep sleep or inside another room in your house. The sound of the door stop alarm can even alert your neighbors or bystanders near in your house.

Having the GE Personal Security door alarm will let you prepare for any danger that lies ahead. It  you plenty of time to call for help or the police. The alarm has the tendency to discourage any person trying to break into your home too.

In addition, the door alarm is portable. Its small size and weight will enable you to easily stuff it in your bag and carry it without any trouble. You can place it in your hotel door so that you will be alerted when a person tries to sneak in while you are inside.

You can use the item as a normal door stop as well. Its base has a good traction that prevents it from sliding over surfaces made of wood, tile, vinyl and carpet. This extra feature will surely give you plenty of time to plan and execute your next course of action against the intruder.


When using the product, ensure that it is placed properly beneath the door and that its base is locked with the floor. Check if the product slips in the surface where it is positioned before leaving it to ensure that it will function as it is intended if there is an unexpected entry in your home. If it does not have enough traction, inform the seller of the product right away and ask for a replacement. Alternately, you can replace its rubber base with a better material to ensure that the item holds in the floor if it is pushed.

The sound can be very annoying too. So, if your partner, teenage son or daughter has a habit of sneaking in or out of the home, it will surely be a hassle with the rest of your household or your neighbors. It does help you catch the said people in the act of sneaking in or out of your house though.


The GE Personal Security door stop alarm does a pretty good job in alerting its owners during a break in. It is portable and easy to install. With these, the product is highly recommended for people who are looking for an affordable but effective way of keeping their homes safe against intruders.

Source: Amazon

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