Advantages and Disadvantages of Nunchucks for Self Defense

nunchucks for self defense

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of using nunchucks for self defense?” This was the question sent to us recently via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

Nunchucks are also known as nunchuks or chainsticks, but the original name of the weapon is nunchaku. The origin of the melee weapon is unclear as some historians claim that it originated in Japan while others say it actually imitated the traditional Chinese two section staff.

Advantages of Using Nunchucks for Self Defense

Nunchucks are very dangerous weapons if used properly. It is utilized similar to a flail. Each stick can be used as a smashing weapon. The long handle of the nunchucks can be used for striking the bony areas of the body, or its blunt tip can be thrust into the soft parts of the opponent’s body.

The self defense weapon can be used for grappling t00. You can wrap around its chain around the neck of an opponent to choke him or her, or you can trap any of the individual’s hands or feet using it. Some expert-level users make use of the nunchucks for throwing opponents as well.

Moreover, it is hard to block a nunchuck with a proficient user wielding it. The movement of its handles are just so hard to predict.

Disadvantages of Using Nunchucks for Self Defense

Using  a nuchuck requires training. You should have a good muscle coordination and reflexes in order to be able to use it effectively. It can be very dangerous on the part of the user if he or she is not familiar on how its physics works as the person may risk striking his or her own body or face with it.

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