Advantages of Using Crossdraw Concealed Carry Holsters

crossdraw concealed carry holsters

Recently, we encountered a question in Mailbag asking, “What are the advantages of using crossdraw concealed carry holsters?”

Crossdraw Concealed Carry Holsters Advantages

Among the key advantages of using crossdraw concealed carry holsters are the following:

1. More Flexibility

Although using crossdraw requires an extra hand movement when taking out a handgun as compared to the usual side carry method of holstering, you will appreciate it once you try to draw your gun from a seated position. This is especially advantageous for drivers in possession of concealed carry handguns because it allows them to easily pull out their firearms without much struggle or without bumping their elbows in the backrest of the driver’s seat.

2. Better Retention

Some martial arts experts prefer crossdraw concealed carry holsters because they can easily rest their weaker or support arm on the gun which protects it against being grabbed easily. Then, after an attempted grab, they can quickly use their gun arm to draw out the firearm for counter-attack.

3. Better Concealment

A crossdraw concealed carry holster with a proper design that goes flat against the body prevents bulges in the jacket when either stooping or bending. Just make sure though that your jacket is zipped or buttoned up.

Here are some of the more popular and affordable Crossdraw CC Holsters:

Bluestone Cross Draw Belly Band Gun Holster with Mag for Glock Models, S&W Shield, S&W M&P, Sig Sauer, Beretta 92fs, Ruger SR9, 4 inch barrel revolvers

Universal Inside the Waist Black Leather Holster with Belt Clip by 1791 Gunleather

Best Ankle Gun Holster for Concealed Carry – Super Comfortable & Universal Fit – Works Perfectly for Glock, Springfield, Taurus, MTAC, Beretta, Smith & Wesson and Others – 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Full Metal Vest (Concealed Carry) (Black, XX-Large)

Bianchi 77 Piranha Size 11 Holster Fits Glock 19/23 (Black, Right Hand)


Strong-Side Vs. Crossdraw Concealed Carry Holsters

Personally, both types of concealed carry holsters are good. It only depends on the preference, tactical training or the comfort derived by the one carrying it.

Based on law enforcement agencies, the most common type of holster that they are using is the strong-side holster. That’s because these types of holsters are the ones supplied to them plus their training basically relies on drawing from the side of their strong gun arm.

Here are some of our favorite Strong-Side CC Holsters:

True Tactic Safe Belly Premium Band Adjustable Gun Holster for Concealed Carry, Fits All Waist and Chest Sizes, for Men and Women, fits all guns – FREE Pistol Tactical Sling Wire Cord


Hidden Hybrid Holsters, Ruger LC9/LC380/LC9S Single Clip IWB Carry Holster (Strong Side / Appendix, RH – 1.5″ Belt Clip)

Fierce Defender IWB (Inside Waistband) Kydex Holster Glock 19 23 32 “Winter Warrior Series” (Black)


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