Are Self Defense Classes for Teens Worth It?

The safety of their children is every parent’s first priority. However, the parents can’t always keep an eye on their children and protect them from all the dangers in the world. That is why it is crucial for kids to learn the basic self-defense techniques and get prepared for proper reaction in dangerous situations.

Therefore, we decided to make a list of useful books that will teach your children ins and outs of self-defense. All the books on the list will serve as a great introduction to the world of self-defense for your child.

The best self-defense books for children you can shop on Amazon

  1. Realistic Self-Defense for Parents, Children, and Adolescents

Marc Bochner, the author of this book, is a self-defense instructor with 26 years of martial arts training and 18 years teaching self-defense. This book is a comprehensive introduction into the basics of self-defense that will help your children stay protected.

The book will help your child develop their self-defense skills from basics to realistic self-defense tactics. In this book, you and your child will find over 500 CGI illustrations the show you how to carry out the moves along with detailed written instructions.

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  1. Gene LeBell’s Grappling and Self-Defense For the Young Adult

Gene Labell wrote a quality self-defense instruction book that comes with lots of detailed illustrations and instructions on how to defend yourself. This book is written by self-defense expert who has a long experience in teaching children and young adults basic self-defense techniques.

Your child will be able to learn the ropes of the self-defense techniques and feel more self-confident in dangerous situations. You will also be at peace, knowing that your kid knows how to defend themselves.

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  1. Hidy Ochiai’s Self-Defense for Kids

There’s a number of situations that demand a quick self-defense tactic from your child if they want to remain unharmed. From dodging bullies on the playground to avoiding dangerous situations of any kind, this book provides your child with a basic knowledge of self-defense.

This book is written by highly acclaimed and respected karate aster Hidy Ochiai who has a long teaching experience. The book is full of in-detail instructions for parents in children and it also comes with quality illustrations.

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  1. Children and the Martial Arts: An Aikido Point of View

Gaku Homma, the author of this book, gives a very detailed and convincing account of his experience in the martial arts and also how the martial arts shaped his practice as a teacher. The author gives many examples of conversation he’s had both with parents and young students who wanted to learn aikido for self-defense.

The second half of the book, the author gives examples of many aikido exercises for children that will help them gain more confidence in dangerous situations. The book comes with excellent illustrations that precisely present how to perform certain techniques.

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  1. Teaching Self-Defense in Secondary Physical Education

If you want your child to become capable of defending themselves against a physical attack, then this book will provide you with the ultimate guide. The book is written for the parents and teachers who have no experience in martial arts, which means that it’s comprehensive. So, even if you have no knowledge of self-defense strategies, with this book, you can teach your child personal safety, conflict-resolution techniques and self-defense tactics.

The book contains 19 detailed lesson plans that cover up to 20 days for a two- or four-week unit. The plans are designed for coed classes in 50 to 60-minute periods. The plans are flexible and allow you to use them within your own curriculum.

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  1. Bullyproof Your Child: An Expert’s Advice on Teaching Children to Defend Themselves

With this book, your child will learn how to deal with the children who are keen on bullying others. The book is written by Keith Vitali, a martial arts expert who had given seminars around the country about children self-defense. This book is written as advice to parents on identifying the signs of physical and verbal bullying.

Vitali explains exactly the psychology of the bullies and what motivates them to conduct that way. The book recounts real-life incidents that provide insight into the physical and emotional harm that bullies can inflict.

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