Benefits and Downsides of Using Shuriken for Self Defense

shuriken for self defense
The photo shows the different types of modern shuriken for self defense as well as the traditional designs of the weapon.

A question sent to us recently via the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag reads, “What are the pros and cons of using shuriken for self defense?”

Shurikens are also known as “throwing stars” because the popular types of these throwing weapons are basically shaped like stars. The known designs of the shuriken usually have three to eight sharp tips with each edge capable of slicing the skin.

However, traditional shurikens may only have one tip similar to a kunai, or it may come in a circular shape like a throwing disc. The term “shuriken” is a Japanese word that literally means “sword hidden in user’s hand”.

Advantages of Utilizing Shuriken for Self Defense

A shuriken’s major advantage is that it can be used in long range since it is basically a type of throwing weapon. It is very sharp, and it can easily tear through the fleshy or soft areas of the body.

This self defense weapon is most dangerous when it hits the sensitive areas of the body like the eyes, throat, or parts where arteries are located. Excessive bleeding may occur in the mentioned areas, which may even cause death when the target has been left unattended. It can result to instant blindness as well when the target is hit straight in the eye sockets.

Shurikens may be planted on the ground as well to serve as a trap like the caltrops. In extreme cases, these may be handheld for slicing or piercing an opponent in close quarter combat. In the past, these were dripped in poison or lit with fire for added damage.

Disadvantages of Utilizing Shuriken for Self Defense

A person without adequate training in the handling or use of a shuriken may accidentally pierce or slice himself or herself with its sharp tips and edges. The accuracy of this type of weapon is also greatly diminished in the hands of a novice.

In self defense situations, the effectiveness of a shuriken is very low when used in closed quarters. The user may risk injuring himself or herself with it due to its standard design lacking handles or grips.

Based on historical records, shurikens were only used as secondary weapons. Usually, these were employed to distract opponents because they cannot penetrate into thick armor.

At present, the possession of a shuriken is considered illegal in some regions. So, be sure to take into consideration the self defense laws in your state first before purchasing or owning one.

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