Best Home Defense Weapons You Already Have Lying Around

One should always be prepared for unexpected emergency occurrences and have a quick defense strategy. The best way to face an imminent threat is to have a self-defense weapon, but in case you don’t have them, there are also ways to keep yourself protected.

All of us have something in our home that can serve as a good self-defense weapon and it’s important that you have your eyes peeled for quick solutions. For example, the first thing that can significantly better up your chances of protecting yourself is the kitchen knife.

The baseball bats can also be very handy when it comes to defending yourself as they can deal serious damage to the attacker. Another useful thing in your home which can help you protect yourself is belt.

The wider the belt is, the greater your chances are to beat up the assailant. Also, the keys will be of great help in case you decide to confront the attacker as they can significantly increase the strength and the damage you inflict with your punch.

However, it’s better to be prepared for emergencies. So, we created a list of top-quality self-defense weapons you can order online and stay protected.

The best self-defense weapons you can shop online

  1. Guardman Black Key Knife Keychain Self Defense

Guardman offers a high-quality self-defense weapon which can be easily concealed and used when needed. When folded, this key knife looks like an ordinary key, but you can easily activate it in case you get attacked. The key knife is made of top-quality materials that ensure its great performance and durability.

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  1. Cold Steel 92BSBZ Brooklyn Basher Mini Baseball Bat

Cold Steel baseball bat can be useful both on baseball court and in your home. This high-quality baseball bat is designed to provide you with a quick self-defense solution as it can help you disable the assailant in a second. Also, there’s a precision injection molded out of the heaviest-grade high-impact propylene that enhances the power of the hits.

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  1. 5 pcs/set steel poker outdoor hidden weapons dart knife martial arts darts ladies self-defense

BOOMCOOL offers a unique self-defense weapon which lets you stay protected wherever you go. This 5-piece set of steel poker cards comes with sharp edges which can endanger the person who attacks, thus giving you the chance to defend yourself. The cards can also serve as bottle openers.

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  1. TI-EDC … TDM.51 … Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

This triangle keychain self-defense weapon is made from lightweight and strong Titanium Alloy that ensures the product’s impeccable performance and longevity. The triangle is handmade and designed to serve as a quick self-defense option which you can easily carry around.

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  1. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool with 4 ink refill – Black Ball Point, Emergency Glass Breaker

AISHN self-defense tactical pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which provides the pen with superior strength and portability. You can also conveniently carry the pen in your pocket and have it prepared for any dangerous situation. This pen comes with a glass breaking part, which improves your self-protection even more.

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  1. The Extractor! The Life Saving 6 in 1 Tool

The Extractor is one of the most efficient self-protection tools on the market. The tool comes with glass window breaking, seat belt cutter, and window ice scraper features. Also, you can use the Extractor in situations when you have to fight the attacker and protect yourself physically.

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  1. Partstock(TM) 2-Pack Aircraft Aluminum Tactical Self Defense Keychain

Partstock offers a pair of keychain self-defense weapons which can be used for stabbing the assailant. The self-defense keychain is handcrafted from lightweight aircraft aluminum that ensures the weapon’s durability and excellent performance. The keychain is designed to be super-portable.

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  1. Hurricane Aluminum Fish Bat

Hurricane aluminum bat is made of high-quality aluminum that ensures the longevity of the bat and allows for the outstanding performance of this self-defense weapon. Also, the bat is very handy and convenient to be carried around, so you can feel safe wherever you go.

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  1. Streetwise Mini Keychain Stun Gun 22,000,000 Volts

Streetwise offers a high-quality mini keychain stun gun that is designed to help you surprise the attacker. The stun gun features the strength of 22,000,000 volts which is enough to disable anyone who tries to hurt you. The Streetwise stun gun is easy to use and is small in size that makes it ultra-portable.

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  1. Police Magnum Pepper Spray 1/2 Ounce with Safety Lock Self Defense

Police Magnum pepper spray is one of the most efficient self-defense solutions on the market. The pepper spray comes with a strong 10 percent OC formula that successfully disables any assailant and lets you remain protected in any situation. Also, this pepper spray will mark the attacker with UV dye, thus making the job easier for the police to find the person who attacked you.

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