The Best Legal Self-Defense Weapons for Your Protection

In case of an emergency, self-protection, both outdoors and indoors, is one of the top priorities for everyone. However, if we want to protect ourselves, it’s important that we don’t do that by breaking the laws, or jeopardizing someone’s life. 

So, here comes the list of the top 10 self-defense weapons which are legal and excellent regarding their self-defense performance. 

JEFFRI Emergency Defense Tool and Pouch

If you can’t avoid physical confrontation with the attackers, JEFFRI emergency defense tool is designed to help you efficiently repel the attacks and save yourself. The tool is meant to deliver painful blows to the attackers and help you evade the worst. Also, the tool comes with the pouch that makes it easier to carry. 

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TI-EDC … TDM.51 … Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

TI-EDC offers a high-quality titanium triangle keychain self-defense tool that enhances your self-protection. The tool is made of lightweight and strong titanium alloy that ensures the tool’s optimum self-defense performance and longevity. The use of this tool is completely legal, so you won’t need to worry when confronting the attackers with it. 

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Security Umbrella “City-Safe”, tactical umbrella assembled in the US, German woodhandle

Security-umbrella is designed to provide you with an instant self-defense option that is both discreet and highly efficient against the attackers. This umbrella conforms to the length of a Hanbo, baton or expandable baton, so it’s a legitimate and legal self-defense tool that will improve your safety. 

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Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool with 4 ink refill

This tactical self-defense pen is made of top-quality aircraft-grade aluminum that provides the pen with superior strength and durability. This pen also comes with an emergency rescue glass breaker, so your safety is even more improved. The use of this pen is considered legal, so don’t hesitate to use it against the assailants. 

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Salt Supply Pepper Spray Gun Self Defense Kit

Salt offers a top-quality long-range pepper spray gun that can shoot spray from 150+ feet distance. The gun features military strength and is proven safe and effective by agencies including U.S military, State police and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. You can legally use this pepper spray gun in case you get attacked. 

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DUUTY Self Defense Keychain Kubaton Weapon

This lightweight self-defense tool features a unique design that allows for easy control of the weapon. DUUTY self-defense tool is also ultra-portable as it comes with a keychain extension that allows you to carry the tool wherever you go. This self-defense tool is made of aluminum alloy that ensures the tool’s durability and great performance. 

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CRKT Williams Tactical Key: EDC Personal Defense Key Chain Tool

CRKT Williams tactical key is a unique self-defense option that allows for discreet carry and instant use in case you get attacked. The key features a well-balanced handle for a secure grip that improves the performance of the key. With this key, you can deliver painful blows to the opponent and get the chance to evade the attack. 

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Tactical Pen Self Defense EDC Pen Kubaton Ballpoint Pen

Black Fly Creations created a top-quality tactical pen that is a multi-purpose self-defense tool. The pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that features immense strength and improves the durability of the pen. The use of this pen is legal and you can use it to break glass in cases of emergency. 

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Cold Steel Delta Dart Zytel Handle

This self-defense weapon features an ergonomic handle which is knurled for a firm grip, while the butt is rounded for both thumb and palm optimal positions. The triangular cross section gives it outstanding piercing power that can hurt the attacker. However, this weapon is non-lethal and is considered legal. 

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Taser Flashlight Zap Stun Gun Best Self Defense Spray Combo

This self-defense weapon kit includes a premium ZAP LIGHT stun gun and a defense spray keychain that is approved by police enforcement. Both self-defense weapon included in this kit features outstanding quality and optimum self-defense performance in cases of emergency. 

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