Best Long-Distance Self-Defense Spray for Women

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Pocket Defense Spray

4.5 stars, 317 reviews

 Pepper Spray Pocket Defense Spray for women

Mace pepper spray for women features 10 percent OC pepper formula made of Oleoresin Capsicum that is derived from hot peppers. Also, the pepper spray has a UV dye that leaves an invisible marker on an attacker, which may help law-enforcement identify a person who attacked you. There is a flip-top safety cap included to prevent accidental spraying.

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Sabre Red Key Case Pepper Spray with Quick Release Key Ring

4.5 stars, 2385 reviews

Long distance pepper spray for women

SABRE offers a pepper spray that features efficient stopping formula which includes 10 percent OC pepper formula.  Also, the pepper spray features impressive 10-foot spraying range with 25 bursts capacity and a powerful stream delivery that increases spray pressure and spray’s overall efficiency. Quick release key ring makes this spray more accessible if the keys are in ignition or lock.

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Mace Police Strength Pepper Spray with Invisible UV Identifying Dye

4 stars, 14 reviews

Mace Police Strength long distance Pepper Spray

Mace pepper spray for women features UV dye that helps law-enforcement identify the person who attacked you. Also, the pepper spray itself is strong and effective as it includes 10 percent OC pepper formula which is derived from hot pepper. The pepper spray has a flip top hard case with a key ring, safety trigger and pistol grip.

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POLICE MAGNUM 3 Pepper Spray

5 stars, 10 reviews

POLICE MAGNUM 3 Pepper Spray

This self-defense pepper spray comes in set with additional 3 sprays, designed to provide you with instant safety solution in case someone attacks you. POLICE MAGNUM pepper spray is meant to protect you in all situations and features a 10 percent OC pepper spray formula derived from hot peppers that easily repel an attacker.

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SABRE Red Lipstick Pepper Spray for Women

4.5 stars, 521 reviews

Red Lipstick Pepper Spray for Women

SABRE lipstick pepper spray features a unique design, meant to disguise the spray and help you surprise the attacker with it.  The spray features an impressive spraying range that goes up to 10-foot. Also, 12 bursts capacity makes this lipstick pepper spray efficient and provides you with a great performance in a dangerous situation.

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