Best Motorcycle Self Defense Tips That You Can Apply

motorcycle self defense

Recently, we received an email from a reader that says, “I ride my motorcycle through some pretty dangerous areas sometimes, especially at night, and I’m looking for something I can access easily and quickly in case someone approaches me with a weapon or tries to get too aggressive with their car. I’ve had formal self defense training involving knives and batons, but I’m not sure what I can do to keep one accessible while riding. I would appreciate any suggestions you might have, thank you!”

Being in a motorcycle can really put you into a very vulnerable position to potential attackers like carjackers and drivers going on a road rage. So, it is important for you to know the best motorcycle self defense. These tips will help you think about your options when in this predicament.

Fighting with a Melee Weapon

Before thinking of fighting back, consider your options first. Definitely, swinging a baton or using a melee weapon at a moving vehicle would require you to get close to the opposing driver’s window or windshield which can be very dangerous because he can just side sweep you and send you outbalanced. Also, getting on the driver’s side can be dangerous on a two-way road since an approaching vehicle can hit you.

Melee weapons are only good if you and your opponent are both out of your vehicles. But still, we would advise against engaging an opponent this way because he might have a gun hidden somewhere in the car or within his body. You might be in for a surprise.

Using a Handgun

A handgun is a great motorcycle self defense weapon since you can fire it within a safe range. However, there are states with laws against discharging a gun from public roads, as shown in the Gun Laws by State section of this site, and you will definitely be in trouble with the law if you do not have a permit to carry. Except if you are really in a life-or-death situation on the road, a gun for motorcycle self defense might not be such a good idea especially in locations where there are strict gun laws.

Take Evasive Maneuvers

Self defense is not just about fighting back. It is all about self-preservation. Instead of thinking about confrontation, you should consider taking evasive procedures. If you can, just allow the other vehicle to pass you by or take an alternative route to your destination. Then, keep in mind of the vehicle’s plate number and report it to the authorities. This is by far the wisest way to exercise motorcycle self defense.

You can also consider throwing things at the windshield of the pursuer’s car that will impair the driver’s field of vision like paintballs or liquefied creams that turn into foam when washed with water to evade him.

Throwing something hard at his windshield or spiking his wheels is a nice idea too. But then again, this would prove to be very deadly. Use this tip only when the situation really calls for it. Be sure that what you will be throwing will hit its mark as well because if it hits another car or an innocent bystander, you are in for a serious lawsuit.

Always Think About Self Preservation Above All Else

During robberies or vehicle theft, expect the perpetrator to be armed with a dangerous weapon. Never underestimate your opponent, always assume that he is carrying a gun somewhere. In addition, robbers or carjackers usually come in pairs or in groups. So, if you find yourself in a very disadvantageous or cornered position where escape is impossible and the odds of you getting beat up pretty bad is high, just hand over what they are trying to rob and let them leave with it.

Install Tracking Tools

Take advantage of the technology that we have now. Install a tracking tool in your motorcycle, phone or a small device that you can easily switch on when you are in danger. This will surely not help you in a fight, but it will certainly let you track down your stolen things or call for help easily. You can find these things online through Amazon, eBay or simply use Google in searching for them. A tracking tool is the best way to get a payback from the perpetrators and retrieve your possessions back.

Wear Protective Armor

As a final note for motorcycle self defense, always remember the basics. Wear your helmet and other protective gear when riding. Consider wearing a Kevlar vest too if you can manage to buy one for improved protection against an armed assailant.

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