What You Need to Know About Two Weapon Defense

Two weapon defense has been used for decades for self-defense. There are several martial arts techniques such as the European martial arts that utilize two weapons. Swords, shields, and knives can be used as two weapon defense. One weapon is for parrying danger while the other one is for attacking the enemy. This style is not common with Firearms and handguns because it’s not practical to use two weapons at the same time.

Type of weapons

  1. Two-handed spear

A two-handed spear is designed for you to hold it with both hands. With both hands, you have better control over the spear which is pretty long. During attacks, you can keep away the enemy further away. If someone is using two one-handed spears, there is a good chance that they can overpower you with their extra power.  

  • Spear and knife

Having two spears will give you extra strengths, but you can also use a knife to have a two weapon defense. Knives are quite short, this means you can move them quickly without encountering obstacles. In this way, the knife is for parrying and if someone goes past the spear, you can use the knife to stab them. It works well when you are in an enclosed area to fend off attacks coming from the back.  

  • Spear and shield

Shields are really important as you can defend yourself from the arrows. They also help you to get closer to the enemy who has a spear without worrying about getting stabbed. While using dual spears comes with problems of parrying, the shield helps you to focus on attacking.  


Two Weapon Defense with knife

Reg-215 is a handmade Damascus steel Bowie Knife that is made up of Marandi wood handle and Brass spacers. The knife is sturdy and provides a great grip. It comes in a leather sheath and it’s suitable for self-defense.  

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BladesUSA HK-6183 Twin Ninja Swords

Two Weapon Defense twin ninja swords

These swords measure about 28 inches and they are comprised of black anodized 420 steel. They have a Japanese inscription and the handles are wrapped with nylon to make it easy to grip. The sheath is a two-in-one which comes with a shoulder strap to keep both swords. If you want a pair of swords for two weapon self-defense, you can check on these ones.

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2 PACK COMBO 27.5″

Best weapons for Two Weapon Defense

2 Pack Combo is easy to assemble and it comes with the parts, tools, and screws. The machete has a 440 stainless steel which has a sharp and durable blade. While it has a perfect weight to be used for cutting fruits or paper box, it’s also a formidable weapon for self-defense.

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Arabian Sands Scimitar Sword

Two Weapon Defense with sword

This is a razor-sharp sword that features a 171/2 inch stainless steel. It is made with a tang to make it a strong weapon. The handle has hardwood to make it long-lasting and it is accented with a stainless steel guard for an easy grip.

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Dragons Tongue Warrior Short Sword

Learn Two Weapon self Defense

The Dragons Tongue Warrior Short Sword measures 26 inches and the blade has stainless material with a black finish. It comes with a black Nylon sheath that has a belt loop. It can also make a great collectible because of its nice design. The sword can cause huge damage to an enemy during close combat.

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Final Words

The weapons reviewed above can be used effectively with enough training. The weapons are all designed for fighting and are considered as the best tools for self-defense. They have no useful value as day to day cutting objects in your home. When they are used for two weapon defense, they can cause devastating effects as long as you know how to use them properly.

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