Beware of the Dangerous Knock Out Game

Knock out game
A group of teenagers playing the knock out game jokingly walking pass by their victim.

“For fun.” This is used by teenagers to coolly describe the dangerous Knock Out Game.

Hearing them say it may let some reminisce the case of Christopher Lane, an Australian baseball player who was shot to death by three teens in an Oklahoma neighborhood sometime in August just because they were “bored”. It also reminds us about another deadly game that has been plaguing teens for a long time which is called the Choking Game.

What is the Knock Out Game?

The sick and twisted Knock Out Game is played by an individual or group of people. The aim of the player or the group of players is to strike anyone on the street to see if he or she can be knocked out.

A man in an interview explained that the teens involved in the horrifying game do not choose their target. So, it can be a man, woman and even children. A notable attack involving the game also targeted a UPS delivery guy previously said the New Jersey guy.

One unidentified teen who is involved in the game described it as a act where you just knock anyone on the street or take their belongings after.

Actual Knock Out Video

This graphic video that you are about to see is composed of several clips involving several attacks to unsuspecting victims of the so-called Knock Out Game:

From the looks of it, you can see that the attacks mostly target unsuspecting victims. The man and the woman in video can be seen off-guard when the attack took place that’s why they were immediately knocked down and hit the floor without any protection from their hands. New Jersey Police even believe that the game led to the death of a homeless man in Hoboken.

How to Protect Yourself from the Deadly Knock Out Game

Authorities advise pedestrians to be alert or to have a presence of mind at all times. They warned people against getting distracted by their cellphones while walking in order to be able to protect themselves without much difficulty or for them to be able to spot suspicious behavior easily.

On a personal note, also avoid walking into dark or unpopulated areas wherein you can be ganged up easily. Then, if you are on the receiving end of an attack, you can prevent serious injury from a straight blow by letting yourself fall on the ground. But remember to use your hands as support when falling. Practice slapping your hands as you fall flat on your back in a soft mattress or train yourself how to support your face during a face-first fall by slapping your hands flat on the surface as you reach the ground.

Video Source: LiveLeak

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