BladesUSA Hk-6090 Fantasy Sword Self Defense Weapon Review

Blades USA Hk-6090 self defense weapon

Those who love action-thriller video games might find the BladesUSA Hk-6090 Fantasy Sword a little familiar. That’s because the self defense weapon is a replica of the sword used by the main character of the Bloodrayne video game franchise.

The sword has been used to cut up vampires in that video game series. But how will the self defense weapon fare in real life situations? Let’s find that out here.

BladesUSA Hk-6090 Fantasy Sword Self Defense Weapon Advantages

The blade of the sword has been constructed using a single piece of 17 3/8 inches of hard anodized black stainless steel. The length gives the user of the self defense weapon a significant reach against an opponent. A bare-handed or knife wielding opponent will surely think twice before engaging you while holding the sword.

Then, its stainless steel blade is capable of cutting through skin through its sharp edges with serrated teeth at one part and pointed tip. The wound that it can inflict when used properly can be anywhere between serious and deadly.

The HK-6090 is easy to wield too. It has a strap that can be attached to the wrist plus a grip for the hand similar to the handle of a police nightstick. The product also comes with a nylon sheath where you can put the product when in storage.

BladesUSA Hk-6090 Fantasy Sword Self Defense Weapon Disadvantages

The blade of the self defense weapon can no doubt cut through skin. But it appears to be very thin that when blocked with a harder weapon like a bat, pipe or similar weapons it has the tendency to break.

Some users who bought the self defense weapon complain about its very small strap as well. According to the people who have big forearms, they have a hard time strapping the weapon with them. But this can be remedied by a customized strap though.

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