Cheap Ways to Prevent Burglars From Visiting Your Home

prevent burglars

Burglars strike when you least expect them to be. The worst thing that could happen in a burglary is when they also attack the members of your household. So, to prevent the loss of property and even life, it is important for you to know the tips how to prevent burglars from breaking into your household.

Here are some cheap tricks that could prevent a burglar from giving your home a visit:

1. Place Fake Burglar Alarms

If you have no funds to purchase a real burglar alarm, put makeshift devices that one could easily mistake as a home invasion prevention system. You can put alarm warning signs in your doors too to discourage a potential burglar.

2. Build a Doghouse

Dogs can be expensive to buy and maintain. As an alternative, you can buy dog paraphernalia like chew toys, dog house or a large dog bowl. Place them in strategic positions around your home to give an impression that you are keeping a huge or vicious dog.

3. Put Fake Surveillance Systems

There is a lot of fake surveillance systems sold out there to discourage burglars from paying your home a visit. Place them near doors and other possible places of entries in your home.

4. Keep Your Yard Clean

An unkempt yard can be an indication that you are away most of the time. So, to prevent burglars, make sure that your grass is always maintained and there are no newspapers piled up in your doorway.


These cheap tricks mostly work in giving potential burglars second thoughts about invading a home. However, it should be noted that nothing beats the real thing. So, if you have a budget, set up a genuine burglar prevention system in your home or buy a real dog ensure the security of your home and its occupants.

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