Cold Steel Two-Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade Product Review

Cold Steel Two Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade

If you are into stabbing and slashing, the Cold Steel Two Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade is a good choice of weapon for you.

About the Product

According to the description of the Two-Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade in Amazon, the product is based on the blade wielded by samurais. The product is manufactured using heat treatment in order to bring its tough spring temper. Then it has 1055 carbon steel with a baked-on, anti-corrosion matte black finish.

Its blade measures up to 19 inches and its handle has a length of 16.5 inches. This gives it an overall reach of 35.5 inches.

Product Test

Check out the video below from a YouTube user named SHWELL11, for the performance of the product in cutting objects:


Looking at the video, the weapon can easily go through fruits with hard exterior and interior like the pineapple and pumpkin. You can notice also that the blade went cleanly through the fruits. As a bonus, you can also use this to play actual fruit ninja and while cooking out when you forgot to bring the kitchen knife.

Kidding aside, if this was used to an actual person, expect a nasty laceration on the skin. You are at a strategic advantage as well if your opponent is only armed with a knife of smaller weapon.


The Cold Steel Two-Handed Katana with Machete Black Blade is only good at inflicting skin cuts though because the user will have a hard time cutting bones with it. Although with repeated slashes this can be achieved.

In addition, the user should be careful in handling this kind of weapon because if the holder is not careful enough, the he/she may end up hurting himself/herself.

Obviously, the product cannot be used for self-defense when the aggressor has a gun too.


Despite looking more like a machete than an actual samurai katana, this product is highly recommended for self-defense. It will surely have your poorly equipped opponent running just on the mere sight of it. Plus, the cut that it can inflict can really be serious or fatal even with an unskilled user.

Sources: Amazon and YouTube

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