Commonly Asked Question: Are Ninjas Real

are ninjas real

Here at Best Self Defense Weapon, we answer questions ranging from the technical ones up to the commonly discussed topics. In this article, we will discuss the answer to the question sent to us via Mailbag that asks, “Are ninjas real?”

What is a Ninja

A ninja is also known as a “shinobi”. This particular fighter specializes in covert combat like employing stealth and psychological warfare. They are said to excel in espionage, sabotage, assassinations, and burglary. Basically, their methods are the polar opposite of a samurai who observed a strict code of honor when fighting.

Historical Accounts About Ninjas

Historians and experts debate the existence of ninjas in the medieval period because very few information about them exists in historical texts. There were a lot of folktales that romanticized their exploits though, and currently, they have been popularized in comics, modern books, and in films.

Presently, there are many schools established that teach ninja or shinobi fighting tactics like ninjutsu, including martial arts associated to it like shurikenjutsu, sojutsu and others. Some of these schools claim that the techniques they teach have been passed to them over generations since the medieval era of Japan.

The term “ninja” has been thrown loosely today due to individuals claiming such moniker. People even call martial artists who do amazing feats as “ninjas”.

Known Modern Ninjas

Jinichi Kawakami claims to be the last soke, or the headmaster of the Koga Ban ninja clan. He said that he is the heir to the “authentic ninjutsu” school established more than half a millennia ago.

Kawakami stated that there were 49 original ninja clans in Japan. However, only the Iga and Koga clans were widely remembered. The rest vanished into obscurity in the years leading to the present. He even established a ninja museum, which showcases the tools and materials used by ninjas, to prove their very existence in the past.


If the story of Kawakami is to be believed and the tools in his museum are genuine, then, that could prove that ninjas roamed within the shadows of the wars in the past.

Moreover, “History is written by the victors,” they say. Thus, because ninjas were persecuted in the past based on stories, they have managed to keep their activities discreet. That might explain the lack of records about them.

But then again, ninjas can be said to exist now since the graduates of schools that teach the art of shinobi are technically called such.

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