Deadliest Move in Self Defense

deadliest move in self defense

A question was recently sent to us through the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. The message reads, “What is the deadliest move in self defense? How can it be executed properly?”


Personally, it is hard to pinpoint which is the deadliest move in self defense because even the simplest move can be the most lethal if delivered properly or all the important factors such as accuracy, force, impact and technique have been combined effectively.

Also, any strike or hold that concentrates on any of the major pressure points of the body can be fatal. In the previous Mailbag article titled, Vital Parts of the Body to Attack During Self Defense, I discussed how very simple moves can save a life during dangerous situations.

For instance, a move such as a simple open palm strike to the nose can definitely kill someone. That is because the upward strike aimed at the bridge of the nose can drive its bone upwards which has the tendency to fragment into the brain and instantly kill. So far, the nose is the most exposed and the easiest to hit in most self defense situations.

Basically, pressure points are the most vulnerable areas of the human body. With enough knowledge and training, a person can easily exploit its weakness to his or her advantage. A simple jab, grab or lock to these areas can mean a life-or-death state to the receiver.


Only use deadly force when necessary such as when your life or another person’s life is in serious danger or such use of lethal force is the only option available in a self defense situation. The excessive use of force, even in self defense, can land you in jail and/or make you liable to pay for damages. So, use proper discretion when applying deadly force.

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