One of the best ways to stay safe is with a self-defense keychain. These are keychains that are modified in some way to double as a self-defense tool when the need arises. What’s great about them is that they aren’t obtrusive and they’re much more discreet than carrying around a bat or a holstered firearm.
They can also double in usefulness as escape tools from vehicles and other utility circumstances.
But since the market is so crowded, we thought we’d make a list of the top self-defense keychains on the market and give our feedback on their functionality.

Here are the top 50 self defense keychains on the market:


  1. Black Cat Self Defense Keychain

Black Cat Self Defense Keychain

One of the more flamboyant self-defense keychains, the black cat is made of hardened nylon plastic. It is comfortable to grip, but the two ears, which are there for aesthetics and self-defense can be a little annoying when sitting in your pocket all day.

Overall, it’s a great visual, but not as functional as other keychains.

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  1. TI-EDC… TDM.51… Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

TI-EDC TDM.51 Titanium Triangle Keychain Tool

The Titanium Triangle Keychain tool is great not only on your keychain but belt loop as well. This weapon is designed to fit comfortably in your hand and come to your aid during a struggle or fight. Place either of its points between your middle and pointer finger and make a fist for maximum impact.

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  1. SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray

SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray keychain

SABRE is a brand that simply doesn’t play around. Meet the SABRE 3-in-1 Pepper Spray. This police-strength spray features a tear gas ingredient that amps up its burning sensation and leaves a UV mark on the face of your offender. Pepper can be used at least 10 feet away from your target.


Find the SABRE 3-in-1 on Amazon, here


  1. The Munio Designer Self Defense Keychain

MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain "Butterfly Glass"

One of the best aspects of this keychain self-defense weapon is that it is legal in all States across the US. The Munio Designer Self Defense Keychain appears to be an odd shaped plastic object while in fact, it is a nonlethal weapon. If under attack, you will be able to use this tool to add impact to a punch. Go for bodily pressure points for maximized impact.

Munio Designer Self Defense on


  1. The Street-Smart Self Defense Spike Keychain

Kubaton Keychain Self Defense, Silver

This object is called the Street-Smart Self Defense Keychain and it looks like it could be a tool of some sort. Modeled after the Kubotan design, this weapon will fit in the palm of your hand and deliver an unexpected blow to any enemy as you defend yourself from an attack. This is a great add on to your keychain for those jobs that don’t allow knives onto the premises.

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  1. The Langxun Self Defense Keychain Knife

Langxun 2 Pack Keychain Folding Pocket Knife / Self Defense Keychain Knife ( BLACK )

Keep your weapon disguised with the Langxun Self Defense Keychain Knife. This is a knife that folds in and out of what appears to be a key. The keychain knife weapon is especially surprising and can provide more reassurance than the above-mentioned self-defense articles because of its lethal nature.

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  1. Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense

Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense Rape Attack Safety Security with Keychain

Facing self-defense at a different angle is the Personal Alarm. Bear Defense makes a great personal alarm that is specifically targeted towards children and for use on backpacks. When activated, this little guy sounds off louder than a smoke detector.


The Bear Gentleman Personal Alarm on

  1. SHENFAN Stinger Keychain – Redesigned

SHENFAN Stinger James Keating Re-designed Self Defense Force Manipulator Tool

The Stinger by SHENFAN is a beloved and handy self-defense keychain. It is made out of metal and is super lightweight and compact. This design fits great in big and small hands and if needed, you can use this little guy make an impactful blow. Use the Stinger correctly as some criticize that it could break on impact.

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  1. Y-EDC Skull Keychain

Y-EDC Skull Keychain Self Defense Emergency Survival Tool with Wrench+screwdriver+bottle Opener

Think self-defense and survival when you think about the Y-DEC Skull Keychain. You could also think bottle opener and wrench. This is a seemingly overall helpful tool that can surprise you with many uses but some claim it is not as functional as it appears. It features a creative design and funky color options.

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  1. Cevinee Tactical Kubotan Survive Keychain

Cevinee Tactical Kubotan Survive Keychain for Women Ladies and Girls

The Tactical Kubotan is a classic self-defense keychain and at first sight, it remains largely unrecognizable as a weapon. With an anti-slide design, the Kubotan is super easy to hold onto and keep gripped in your hand. The Kubotan could possibly be used to break windows and are an option to give to the women in your life for their own personal self-defense. Pick from a variety of colors and be effective with this tool by targeting pressure points.

The Cevinee Tactical Kubotan on Amazon


  1. Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun Key Ring

Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun w/ KEY RING

Keep a stun gun on your keyring for a more powerful version of self-defense and protection. The Sting Ring’s design is unrecognizable as a stun gun and will be overlooked as a weapon because of its ambiguous shape.  Conceal this lightweight object in your hand and an attacker will never know you are equipped with a stun gun. The Sting Ring includes a safety feature to avoid an accidental discharge.

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  1. Schrade Self Defense Key Chain

Schrade Self Defense Key Chain Rod (6.0-Inch)

The Schrade Self Defense is a variation of the Tactical Kubotan listed above. It is a different design that features a more blunt end and is made out of a light weight polymer: this is an advantage if you want to avoid heavy keychain add-ons. You can fit the Schrade Self Defense snugly in your hand, but it does not feature the best of grips to hold on to upon impact.

Schrade Self Defense Keychain on, here


  1. Mace Brand Muzzle Canine Repellent

Mace Brand Muzzle Canine Repellent w/keychain

Keep yourself safe from an unexpected dog attack with the Mace Brand Muzzle Canine Repellent. This is an unusual keychain for self-defense, but it could be a life saver in an unexpected situation. This Canine Repellent is said to be a bit slow at being effective but will eventually stop a dog attack.

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  1. Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm

Vigilant 130 dB Personal Alarm with Backup Whistle

At 130 dB’s, the Vigilant Personal Alarm works well as a self-defense strategy. This is one of the loudest of personal alarms and it clips conveniently to your keychain. And while this one is pink, Vigilant makes their personal alarm in other colors like red and yellow. This design also features an unusual feature for a personal alarm: a whistle.

Vigilant’s Personal Alarm on Amazon


  1. SZCO Supplies Kubotan Folding Knife

SZCO Supplies Kubaton Folding Knife

Meet the SZCO Supplies Kubaton and Folding Knife. This bad boy gives you more options when it comes to protecting yourself: If you want non-lethal self-defense, the kubotan does the job, but the folding knife option provides extra security just in case. While some feel that this is a solid weapon that they wouldn’t go without, others say that this weapon could not be comfortably used as just a Kubotan because of the protruding metal.

Check out the SZCO Supplies Kubotan Folding Knife here


  1. TAGG Multifunctional portable Bottle Opener

Multi-functionl Portable Bottle Opener Window Breaking Keychain Self Defense Tools

Coming in at 12.5 cm., the TAGG Multifunctional serves as a gel pen, car window breaker and bottle opener, all in one keychain. This tool can also be used as a tactical pen in a jam for extra functionality. Going for $20.00 on, the TAGG Multifunctional is made of stainless steel.

View the TAGG Multifunctional on Amazon


  1. Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun

Worlds Smallest Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun with LED Flashlight, 6,000,000 Volts

Get yourself what is claimed to be the world’s smallest stun gun – the Guard Dog Hornet Keychain Stun Gun. It includes an LED flashlight and delivers a shock at 6,000,000 volts. It is rechargeable and weighs less than 2 ounces. This little guy would be a quick and maybe even ineffective fix to an attack: some claim that while the device delivers a jolt, it may not be enough to defend oneself with.

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  1. Color You 130dB. Personal Alarm

Color You 130dB Loud Siren Personal Security Alarm

It’s all about protecting what is yours and devices like this enable us to do just that! This clever device is yet another personal alarm designed for children to wear. Who would ever guess this little lady bug could sound off a 130 dB. alarm? This design includes red and blue flashing strobe lights when triggered.

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  1. Fury Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain with Internal Knife

FURY Tactical SDK Self Defense Keychain with Internal Knife (Silver)

Here we see another Kubotan and knife variation of self-defense: The Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain. While it is a great design, quality may be lacking in this product as some claim it is cheaply made. At its best, this is a great keychain to keep on you for day to day protection but may not be the most dependable of self-defense devices. Remember to use the kubotan for pressure points.

View the Fury Tactical Self Defense Keychain Here


  1. SABRE Dog Spray Deterrent

SABRE Dog Spray - Protector Dog Deterrent

With their own line of all natural dog spray, SABRE is up again on our list. This spray contains 14, 1 second blasts of dog deterrent that can reach up to 12 feet away. It is said that this product works on most dogs and is effective yet humane. Some feel that bear spray works better for more viscous dog.

SABRE Dog Spray Deterrent on


  1. The Key to Self Defense

The Key to Self Defense

Key Self Defense makes one of the largest non-lethal weapons on our list: The Key to Self Defense. It is similar to a kubotan but bulkier and larger with a triangle end for more fighting impact. This tool can function as a glass breaker as well and fits in big and small hands.

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  1. Kubotan Keyring Aluminum Blunt Force

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Let’s face it! The Kubotan is a super popular form of self-defense – that many people never recognize is a form of self-defense. This is another variation of kubotan keyring but it features a more blunt end with a point. These types of designs work as glass breakers and won’t be a joke used against the back of a hand or temple.

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  1. Little Viper Mini Pepper Spray – 2 Pack

Mini Pepper Spray Key Chain Ring

Watch out for Little Viper’s super inconspicuous mini pepper spray. These little guys look like chap sticks but are actually 3 to 6 burst mini maces. Little Viper’s spray is lightweight and perfect to give to your daughter or niece for her own protection: just teach her how to use it first! Keep in mind that they can spray up to 3 feet.

Little Viper’s Mini Pepper Spray on


  1. Mace Brand Pepper Spray and Key Guard

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Key Guard Key Chain

Mace brand makes a strong pepper spray and this design is a little more sleek and stylish than our previous pepper spray examples. Although, with the plus of the design comes the minus of containing less sprays and covering less feet because this spray contains 6 bursts that only cover up to 5 feet – unlike other pepper sprays that come with up to 25 bursts and reach up to 10 feet.

Mace Brand Pepper Spray Here! On Amazon


  1. Anrui 120 dB. SOS Emergency Personal Alarm


Anrui 120 dB SOS Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

Meet the Anrui Personal Alarm: this device is super stylish and who would never suspect it was a self-defense alarm? It has a chic everyday design and can go beautifully on a purse. Yank this device to activate a 120 dB. loud siren and get away as you disorient your intruder.

Anrui Personal Alarm Here at


  1. Kikkerland KRL26TC Owl LED Keychain with Sound

Kikkerland KRL26TC Owl LED Keychain with Sound

Although this keychain features a great design, its functionality is a bit questionable. Is this design dangerous to the user? Will this slip out of a hand on impact? These are legitimate questions one would have to ask before a purchase but who knows: it may end up saving your life!

The Owl-B-Safe on Amazon


  1. Katzco Emergency Whistle Keychain

Emergency Whistle Keychain - W/ Clip-On

Check this one out: the Katzco Emergency Whistle Keychain may not be the strongest form of self-defense but in combination with other forms of self-defense, this whistle could help keep you safe. They come in a pack of two and are made of high quality aluminum. Some say the Katzco whistle could be louder but it is potentially a nice add on to your keychain.

View the Katzco Whistle on Amazon


  1. Hammerfist Self-Defense Ninja Electric Green Keychain

Hammerfist Self-Defense Ninja Electric Green Key Chain

This super huge keychain is not a joke! Featuring a beautiful green color, this tool is made of cast aluminum and is larger than your regular self-defense kubotan. And being a kubotan, the Hammerfist Self-Defense Ninja can be used against pressure points to make your strikes extra impactful.

Check out the Hammerfist Ninja Here


  1. MTech USA MT-588 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife

MTech USA MT-588 Series Fixed Blade Neck Knife

The MTech USA MT-588 is a lethal option for keychain self-defense. This bad boy features a unique design and a sharp blade. Be careful using the MT-588 as its handle does not have the greatest grip area and user functionality for an impact. This product also comes in a more colorful option.

Get the MTech USA MT-588 on

  1. iDaye Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain

Keep your little loved ones safe with a personal alarm disguised as a toy. This device sounds at 130 dB.’s and can also be used for the elderly, runners, and looks great as a backpack add on. No one would ever suspect that the iDaye Emergency Personal alarm would let out a loud siren and it is suitable for children 8 years and up.

View the iDaye Emergency Personal Alarm


  1. Cevinee Loud Brass Emergency Whistle

Cevinee Loud Version Portable Brass Emergency Whistle

It is important to know that creating a loud noise can help you in a bad situation. It is a great way to notify others of danger and attract help. For this reason, the Cevinee Loud Brass Emergency Whistle may be useful as self-defense. It features a classic shape and works as a dog trainer as well.

Cevinee Loud Brass Emergency Whistle on


  1. Lastworld Self Defense Keychain and Glass Breaker

4.5" Self Defense Key Chain Glass Breaker

Having a glass breaker on you is always a good idea for survival and self-defense. This device doubles as a kubotan and a glass breaker. The Lastworld Self Defense Keychain features a removable cap – to access the glass breaker – and a grip so that the kubotan can stay put in your hand.

Lastworld Self Defense Keychain on Amazon


  1. Meanhoo Outdoor EDC Stainless Steel Tactical

Meanhoo Outdoor EDC Stainless Steel Tactical Multi-functional Pocket Key Ring Keychain Multi-functions for bottle opener Outdoor Self-Defense Tool

This 3 pack of self-defense keychains is phenomenal. Each shape features different tools and these little guys function for outdoor and self-defense usage. The Seahorse shaped tool includes a bottle opener and a unique design while the other two are more lethal.

Check out the Meanhoo Outdoor EDC Here on


  1. Guard Dog Security Electra Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun

Guard Dog Security Electra Concealed Lipstick Stun Gun with 100-Lumen Flashlight

This keychain appears to be lipstick but will give you the shock of your life! Perfect for women but maybe not perfect as a keychain (who keeps their lipstick on a keychain right?) This design is great because it includes an LED flashlight feels like an actual tube of lipstick.

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  1. JARAN Car Hammer

JARAN Car Hammer - Auto Safety Seatbelt Cutter Glass Window Punch Breaker Emergency Rescue Disaster Escape Tool

The JARAN Car Hammer may not be as practical a self-defense tool as most of the objects mentioned above, but this small device offers a lot of advantages for an emergency. The Car Hammer serves as a seatbelt cutter, glass breaker and even features a high intensity LED flashlight.

Check out the JARAN Car Hammer on


  1. Youth 007 Outdoor living Multifunctional Gadget

youth 007 Outdoor living multi-function tools screwdriver, opener, self-defense keychain portable gadgets

This device serves as a screwdriver, bottle opener and self-defense tool. The Youth 007 Outdoor Multifunctional is a keychain made from stainless steel and aluminum alloy. This tool can be used by following the same concept as using a kubotan for self defense: clench tightly in your fist and add impact to your blows.

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  1. Binboll Stainless Steel Emergency Whistle

Binboll Stainless Steel Three Tubes High Decibel Outdoor Life-saving Emergency Whistle

This emergency whistle by Binboll reaches high decibels and is made of food grade stainless steel. It features three tubes and is said to be very loud. Binboll did a great job on the whistle’s design as the style is sleek and cool reflecting an outdoor or military aesthetic.

Binboll Stainless Steel Emergency Whistle Here on


  1. Partstock Compact Heavy Duty Defender Tactical Pen

Partstock Compact Heavy Duty Premium Stainless Tungsten Steel Defender Defensive Tactical Pen Glassbreaker Military or Police Outdoor Survival Tool Keychain

The Partstock Heavy Duty Defender is a nice weight and serves as a kubotan. This device can shapeshift, giving you more self-defense options. The Partstock Compact Defender is also a pen that features a lot of grips for a tight hold and a glass breaker as well.

Partstock Compact Heavy Duty Tactical Pen on


  1. SENC 550 Paracord Thin Red Line Key Chain

SENC 550 Paracord Thin Red Line Key Chain

The SENC 55 6’ Keychain is a monkey fist personal defense device. It is American made as well as made out of paracord. The Monkey fist is a durable defense weapon although it can have some lash back depending on how you use it. It is suggested to practice striking methods before actual use.

SENC 550 6′ Redline Keychain on


  1. Ezyoutdoor Self Defense Knife

Ezyoutdoor Self Defense Knife Webbing Buckle MultiTool Pocket Gadgets Inner Hexagonal Wrench tools for Survival Training Hiking Hunting

The Ezyoutdoor Self Defense Knife features a webbing buckle and 5 various sized hexagon wrenches. This tool is intended not only for self-defense, but also hunting and hiking. It can be used as a kubotan weapon and is made of Stainless Steel. This product comes with a lifetime warranty, so why not check it out?

Ezyoutdoor Self Defense Knife on


  1. Blue Baron Paracord Monkey Fist  

Floating Boat Key Fob 1-1/2 inch 550 Paracord Monkey Fist

Introducing Monkey Fist number two on our list: The Blue Baron Monkey Fist. This paracord keychain may look like a lanyard ball for decoration, but don’t mistake it because this bad boy can deliver a hefty blow! While Blue Baron’s intended use for this product is actually a boat key fob, don’t forget that a paracord monkey fist has an added element of self-defense.

Check out Blue Baron’s Monkey Fist Here


  1. Vampire Repellent Pepper Spray with Garlic

Vampire 10% Pepper Spray with Garlic - Safety - Self-Defense - Running - Personal Protection

This Keychain is an interesting selection! It’s called Vampire Repellent Pepper spray because it features a dose of garlic as a part of its ingredients. This product shows a twist and fun perspective on self-defense while being seriously effective. When sprayed, the garlic leaves a scent and its oil can be hard to wife off: burning an intruder for a period of time.

View the Vampire Repellant Spray on


  1. SABRE Breast Cancer Safety Alarm

SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren

Are you a breast cancer charity supporter? If so, this selection is a great choice for you. SABRE makes dependable products and this personal alarm is no exception. Self-defense is important and at 110 dB’s, SABRE’s personal alarm will attract attention in case of danger although it is a shame they did not make it just a tad louder: maybe 120-140 dB’s.

SABRE’s Breast Cancer Safety Alarm on


  1. Pepper Spray Pro Compact

Pepper Spray Pro Compact Size Silver

Here is another super stylish pepper spray option for your keychain: The Pepper Spray Pro Compact. This pepper spray features 25 bursts and can reach up to 10 feet all while delivering a great design to fit in with a luxury aesthetic. Clip this beauty onto a keyring or even a necklace for safe keeping.

Get Pepper Spray Pro’s Compact Here on


  1. Youth 007 Self Defense Keychain

youth 007 Self Defense Keychain Emergency Camping Gear 3.3 Inch

Unlike our first self-defense keychain contender, this tool is not made of plastic. Instead, meet Youth 007’s self-defense keychain made of Zinc Alloy. The design of this striking tool is beautiful but once again, we must visit functionality and question how it may feel to use this weapon for self defense.

Youth 007’s Zinc Alloy Defense keychain on Amazon


  1. EPOSGEAR Security Alarm

EPOSGEAR Metallic Red Mini Minder Loud Personal Staff Panic Rape Attack Safety Security Alarm 140db

EPOSGEAR’s Security Alarm is, by far, the loudest personal alarm on our list. While previously mentioned personal alarms range from 110 to 130 dB’s, this alarm sounds off at 140 dB’s. EPOSGEAR’s design is also different from most personal alarms in that it features an activation key that is separate from the keychain itself.

Get EPOSGEAR’s Security Alarm on


  1. SABRE RED Spitfire Pepper Spray

SABRE RED Spitfire Pepper Spray - Police Strength

SABRE’s Spitfire is a uniquely designed pepper spray: while most pepper sprays function by spraying straight ahead, the Spitfire sprays straight up and can reach up to 8 feet away. The design demands that the bottle should be held horizontally instead of vertically when using.

SABRE RED’s Spitfire on


  1. SAMLITE CREE LED Tactical flashlight

SAMLITE - CREE LED Bat Flashlight

The SAMLITE CREE keychain flashlight can function as a tactical self-defense weapon on a moment’s notice. The LED reaches up to 300 lumens on its highest setting and SAMLITE claims that this bad boy is water resistant. It also features a strobe and a sleek design and may be large for your typical set of keys, but for the right occupation this light could be an awesome keychain addition.

Get the SAMLITE CREE LED Tactical Flashlight on


  1. Pepper Mace Baton

Pepper Mace Spray - Baton (Red)

We haven’t seen a self-defense weapon quite like this before: check out this kubotan and pepper spray two in one! This Mace Baton is refillable and can burst 3 to 6 sprays up to 5 feet away. The kubotan feature is a great teammate to pepper spray just in case your offender avoids your initial sprays!

Pepper Mace Baton on


  1. CooYoo CAZO Pen Self Defense Keychain

CooYoo CAZO Pen Ti Titanium Cool Bamboo Tactical Pen stick Multi-Function Pen Keychain Self Defense Keychain

While the CooToo CAZO Pen may be the priciest self-defense keychain on our list, it may also be the shiniest! This tactical pen features multiple detachable ends and is made from titanium. CooYoo brags that their product is corrosion resistant as well.

CooYoo CAZO Pen Self Defense Keychain Here on