Glock’s Best Concealed Carry Guns For Self Defense

glock best concealed carry guns

Glock is one of the known producers of the best concealed carry guns which are definitely reliable in combat or self defense situations. Aside from the compact size of its guns, it also offers good firepower, excellent accuracy, low recoil, durable materials, advanced safety features and plenty of tactical advantages. These are among the many key reasons why the best concealed carry guns of the brand have been chosen by various law enforcement agencies and armed forces worldwide.

Best Concealed Carry Guns of Glock That You Can Choose From

If you are looking for the best concealed carry guns that you can use as self defense weapon or protection for your home, here are the products from Glock that you can choose from:

1. G17 Gen4

g17 gen4 best concealed carry guns

The G17 is the first pistol manufactured by the company which was an instant hit. Taking off from its success is the G17 Gen4. The new version of this 9mm self defense gun is not that different with its predecessor in its physical features since the dimensions, mass, capacity and design are almost the same. However, its grip has been improved, its frame is now made of a more resilient material, plus it provides a new dual recoil spring system, larger magazine size and a new feature that can accommodate left or right-handed users.

2. G19 Gen4

g19 gen4 best concealed carry guns

This 9mm gun is a follow up to the popular G19 series which was the top choice of security agencies and law enforcement agencies globally. It also adds the new tactical features of the fourth generation of the G17. Although the G19 Gen4 can carry the same amount of rounds with that of the G17 Gen4, it is smaller in length and lighter which makes it more concealable.

3. G27 Gen4

g27 gen4 best concealed carry guns

The G27 Gen 4 is capable of holding nine .40 caliber rounds. Its bullet capacity may be lower than the other two best concealed carry guns, but this is definitely the most compact of the three plus it carries the same add-ons offered by the other two here.

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