Ground Self Defense Tips That You Should Always Remember

ground self defense tips

“What if you have been taken down by your attacker and he is looking to follow up his attack with an old-fashioned ground and pound, how will you defend yourself from being beaten to a pulp?” Basically, this was a question sent to us recently via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

Using Submission Holds

So-called and even genuine martial arts experts would tell ground self defense tips like wrapping your legs around your opponent’s hips and then hugging him around the neck to keep him close to you in order to prevent him from building momentum in his punches. Others would advice using a kimura or using more complex locks like transitioning into a cross armbar or gogoplata.

While these suggestions are all great, you will have the tendency to botch it and make your situation worse if you are not really trained to execute them properly. Also, these holds are very effective only in martial arts contests that are governed by rules.

In a Street Fight, Rules Don’t Apply

In a street fight or “life or death” encounters, rules do not apply. Your opponent can hit you just about anywhere and he is free to use any object that he can grab on as a weapon against you. Holding him very close to you may expose your other body parts to attacks too and this can be very dangerous if the aggressor is carrying a sharp weapon such as a knife.

The Best Ground Self Defense Technique is Fighting Dirty

So, my advice is very practical and very obvious, that is you should fight dirty in this situation. Forget what you have learned on TV. Claw your way out; grip your opponent’s throat’ pull his hair’ give him a fish hook; knee, kick or squeeze his groin; or poke his eyes. You can utilize any object lying around as a weapon as well. Smash or stab your attacker with it.

It does not matter what move you pull as long as you will be able to save your life. These examples are simple but often overlooked ground self defense moves.

It will help a lot though if you know the vital parts of the body which you can utilize to your advantage such as the ones we discussed in an earlier article called, “Vital Parts of the Body to Attack During Self Defense.” Use these properly and you can increase your chances of getting out in trouble if you are pinned on the ground.

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