Hatch SP100 Defender II Glove Self Defense Gear

Hatch SP100 Defender II Glove Self Defense Gear

The SP100 Defender II Glove is a self defense gear developed by Hatch. This brand is one of the renowned manufacturer of fighting gloves, driving gloves, leather bags and other body accessories. These stylish gloves are sold in Amazon for as low as $23.20 up to $81.01.

But how will this pair of self defense gear fare in situations where you are forced to protect yourself? This review will cover how you can use these to your advantage. Its downsides will also be discussed for a more balanced review.

Hatch SP100 Defender II Glove Self Defense Gear Advantages

For people who have received martial arts training, this self defense gear will surely come in handy. These gloves will protect the knuckles from calluses, burns, bruises or cuts when hitting the bony or hard areas of the body.

Then, the nice traction provided by the leather material of this self defense gear will help you grab better. It will help lessen the slippage of the hands when taking hold of a person’s skin when grappling is already involved.

The SP100 Defender II by Hatch can be used together with other self defense weapons too. This self defense gear will let you improve your grip when handling them. For instance, using this together with your knife will surely help enhance your precision because it will prevent your hands or fingers from sliding along the handle of the weapon.

Hatch SP100 Defender II Glove Self Defense Gear Disadvantages

This self defense gear is only ideal in combat situations when the user is trained in martial arts. Without the proper delivery of strikes or grappling abilities, these gloves are as good as for show only.

You might want to think twice as well when you are only equipped with nothing but this pair of self defense gear and your opponent is armed with a knife, bat or more dangerous weapons. It is more advisable to use this self defense gear in combination with other weapons.

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