How to Choose the Best Self Defense Training Program

self defense training

A new email came in recently in the Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. The message reads, “There are plenty of martial arts schools in our place so I can’t make up my mind about where should I enroll. Can you give me tips on how to choose the best self defense training program so that I will not end up wasting my money or time?”

When choosing the best self defense training program, ask yourself these questions and match your answers on the options that you have:

1. Are the physical and psychological requirements within your capabilities?

Make sure the discipline that you will choose is within your physical and psychological limitations so that you will not end up burning or injuring yourself. As a beginner, choose the one that offers the most basic training that will suit your build, mental preparedness, gender, age and personal preferences. Then, once you have mastered the basics or you have already conditioned your body and mind to go for more advanced lessons, request your trainer to let you proceed to the next level or take up the test required by your school for rank promotion. Remember to take it one step at a time.

2. Is the schedule of the self defense training ideal for you?

See to it that your time for training has no conflict with your studies or work schedule. Set it during your rest days or free time in order to maximize your productivity in both your training and other personal obligations.

3. Are you confident that you can apply what you have learned in self defense situations?

In your own assessment, do you see yourself successfully using any of the techniques that you have learned in your self defense training? Make sure that you do. Remember that not all martial arts schools focus on the self defense aspect of their techniques. Some of them puts more emphasis on the application of their discipline in competitions or sporting events.

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