How to Counter a Bear Hug

bear hug

A bear hug is a very effective hold if delivered by a larger person. This is usually used to restrain a person but it can also be a very dangerous offense as the person using the hold can just squeeze the air out or break a bone of the smaller receiver. A bear hug can be the precursor of a slam or takedown too as displayed by wrestlers and martial artists.

But how do you get out of a bear hug? This is a question that was sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

Fortunately, there are many ways to get out of this hold, here are some basic examples of bear hug counters:

1. Foot Stomp

When grabbed from behind, gain momentum by raising your knee, and then, deliver a crushing stomp to your opponent’s foot. Do it repeatedly until the person breaks the hold or until you break a bone in that individual’s foot.

Breaking the aggressor’s foot will compromise his ability to balance himself. This can serve at your advantage if you decide to fight back or flee.

2. Headbutt to the Nose

A headbutt to the bridge of the nose can be delivered whether the opponent is facing you or he is at your back.

If he is at your back, bow your head as low as possible, then, slam your upper parietal bone or the part where the bone of curves on top of your skull to your opponent’s face. When he is in front of you, lean your head as far as you can from his face and use your frontal bone or forehead to hit his face.

Try to target the bridge of his nose or eye. Again, this can be done repeatedly if you do not hit your mark at first try.

A hit to the bridge of the nose can be deadly if delivered properly because it has the tendency to drive or fragment its bone to the brain of the aggressor. However, even with less force, it can still hurt a lot.

On the other hand, a strike on the eye, can cause temporary blindness, blurry vision or momentary disorientation on the part of the receiver.

3. Grip to the Testicles

This is very unorthodox but highly effective against male attackers. The move works if both your opponent’s arms are wrapped around your own arms. To execute this, try to slip your hand down to his crotch and surprise him by immediately gripping his testicles in a crushing hold. Squeeze into them as much as you can until he is at your mercy or until he is ripe for a counter attack.

Other Counters to a Bear Hug

There are plenty of other counters to a bear hug like an elbow to the face or moves more advanced than the ones mentioned here. But no matter how basic are the ones mentioned here, these can really get you out of trouble if you find yourself in the receiving end of this debilitating hold.

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