How to Make a Homemade Pepper Spray

homemade pepper spray

“I read your article about making poison gas and napalm out of materials commonly found at home, and I really find them useful. Can you provide us readers with more examples of self defense weapons we can make out of household items?” This was sent to us by one reader through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag.

In this article, we will discuss another type of self defense weapon that you can make out of some ingredients commonly found in the kitchen. This mixture will enable you to make your own homemade pepper spray.

Follow the steps below to make your homemade pepper spray:

1. Prepare the Materials Needed

The materials that you will need to create your homemade pepper spray are empty liquid spray bottle made of glass, glass bowl, rubber gloves, white vinegar, stirring rod and around 15 dry chili peppers. Take note that the chilies required here should have a total of least 100,000 Scoville heat units (SHU).

2. Grind the Pepper

Using a mortar and pestle or a grinding tool, turn the dry chili pepper into fine powder.

3. Mix Pepper Powder with Vinegar

Put the chili powder into a glass bowl. Then, pour one-half-cup of white vinegar over it. Stir the ingredients using a stirring rod or any kitchen utensil such as a spoon. Make sure that the powdered pepper and vinegar are blended thoroughly.

4. Cool the Mixture

Place the pepper and vinegar mixture into the refrigerator. Let it sit there for at least the whole night.

5. Pour Contents Into the Empty Liquid Spray Bottle

Carefully put the processed mixture of powdered pepper and vinegar into the empty liquid spray bottle. Remember to avoid skin contact with the concoction because it will surely cause an irritation. Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands while transferring the mixture to the container. Store the bottle in a cool and dry place that you can easily access in times of need.

How to Use the Homemade Pepper Spray in Self Defense

Just spray the contents of the bottle filled with the pepper and vinegar mixture into the skin of your opponent. This will certainly sting a lot and produce irritation.

The most effective parts to target are the eyes and the nose. Targeting the eyes will temporarily blind your assailant. On the other hand, spraying in the nose will cause the person to easily inhale the pungent smell of the substance, which will sting his nasal passages like hell.

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