How to Use Soap for Self Defense

soap for self defense

Last time, we discussed about using a regular bathroom towel for self defense. Now, we will talk about using a regular bar of soap or liquid soap for self defense.

Again we are using the premise that you are trapped in the bathroom and the only thing that you can grab is a soap. Aside from bludgeoning someone with the container of a liquid soap, here are ways to use the actual soap for self defense:

1. Spread the Soap All Over Your Body

Spread the soap all over your body especially the arms, the hair or other parts of the body where a person will likely grab you. This will make your body very slippery which will prevent your assailant from getting hold you.

2. Pour Soap Into the Floor

Splash water into the floor, especially near the door where the intruder will likely enter. Rub the bar of soap or spill the liquid soap in the same area where you poured water to make the floor very slippery. You can rub the soap a little to spread it out and effectively mix it with the water.

This will likely put your opponent off-balance when he comes rushing inside which will give you a good fighting chance or an opportunity to escape. You can also push your opponent once he steps on the slippery area.

3. Put Soap in the Intruder’s Eyes

Make a lather in your hand by mixing water with soap. It should not be too bubbly. Just ensure that it forms a sticky lather. Next, splash it over the eyes of your assailant. The more acidic the soap, the better is the irritation that it can cause to the eyes. If you are using a liquid soap, just squeeze its contents to the eyes of your attacker

As a reflex, the assailant might close his eyes at first which will prevent you from effectively getting the soap there. So, do not empty all the liquid soap or lather just yet. As he tries to open his eyes after instinctively rubbing it away, do this the second time for a good measure. Then, decide if you want to fight or flee.


Always avoid needless physical confrontation when you encounter an intruder. Only fight if you think that he is really determined to cause injury and you have no option to flee. But if there’s an opportunity to flee, make it your first course of action because he might be heavily armed, he may be a skillful fighter or he might possess other strategic advantages.

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