How to Use Your Smartphone for Self Defense

smartphone for self defense

If you are uncomfortable about carrying knives, concealed carry guns or other standard self defense weapons, or the places where you go to have strict security regulations that do not allow such, this article will show you ways to transform your smartphone into a self defense weapon.

Ways to Utilize a Smartphone for Self Defense

Here are ways to make your smartphone work similar to self defense weapons:

1. Hitting Using a Smartphone

When using a mere smartphone for self defense, use one of its corners to hit the vital parts of the body of a person. Examples of areas where you can effectively hurt a person with it are the eyes, the bend between the shoulder and neck, the part just below the Adam’s apple, or the temples.

2. Use Special Smartphone Casing

There are smartphone casings being sold right now that could effectively transform your device into a weapon for self defense. Some examples of these are the Yellow Jacket cases for iPhones, which add the functionality of a stun gun to your device. The product gives off a jolt containing around 650,000 volts, which is enough to stun or temporarily incapacitate an aggressor.


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Other examples include the smartphone casings that conceal pepper sprays from Spraytecht. The product can sprayed from a couple of feet straight to face of the attacker. This will temporarily blind and disable the offense of anyone exposed to its substance.


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Whenever there is a chance to capture the identity of your assailant or the incident using your camera, do so. This will help you establish a strong evidence against your attacker when reporting the issue to the police or when filing a lawsuit.

Do You Have Questions About Self Defense

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