How Will Slackline Exercises Benefit Someone

slackline exercises
Lyoto Machida performs slackline exercises to improve his balance and coordination.

A reader sent us a message through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. His question read, “I recently saw Lyoto Machida practice on slacklines to prepare himself for his match with Chris Weidman. Now tell me, how will slackline exercises help someone in a fight or in an overall aspect?”

Benefit of Slackline Exercises

There are actually many benefits that you can derive from slackline exercises, which you can use in any fighting sports or self defense. Below are the advantages you could get from it:


Your balance will greatly benefit from slackline exercises. This will improve your posture and enable you to deliver more effective strikes, especially kicks, without sacrificing your form or stance.


You will be able to develop coordination together with your enhanced balance. With better coordination, you will develop a better focus in combat, whether it is an unarmed self defense situation or a martial arts event. An improved focus will allow you to increase the accuracy of your shots during a fight.


Slackline exercises take time to master. Once you do, it will be a fulfilling experience. You might fail a couple of times while crossing the line, but with determination, you will eventually learn the tricks on how to stay on your feet up to its end. The challenged posed by this activity will help you develop your spirit and improve your determination when facing obstacles along your goal.


As mentioned, your first few tries along the slackline may not be pleasant. However, upon mastering the exercise, it will present a relaxing way to exercise your mind and body. Slackline exercises do not take much effort once you get used to them unlike others, which have the tendency to put stress in your muscles or bones.


Who said exercises can’t be fun? There are many things that you can do during slackline exercises. You can run along the line, jump, or even do acrobatic actions. It can be exciting also especially if you have a partner or a group that you can compete with.

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