Is Biting in Self Defense Recommended

Rick Grimes biting in self defense

You might have seen the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 4 wherein Rick Grimes bit his opponent’s neck in order to save his son from potential harm. So, one thing I will discuss right now is biting in self defense, particularly its effectiveness, where to bite your attacker, the risks of the move, and its legality.

The Effectiveness of a Bite in Self Defense

A bite, no matter how strong a person’s tolerance from pain is, can really hurt. A serious bite in any muscle of the body can cause a stinging sensation that can shock an individual by a second or two giving you a chance to turn the fight in your favor or a window of opportunity to flee. This move can also cause massive bleeding and even death if a major vein or artery has been severed.

Where to Bite in Self Defense

You can bite a person anywhere. It does not matter where you sink your teeth as long as it hits flesh, a muscle or an external organ.

Risk of Biting in Self Defense

Medical professionals warn that one of the dangers of biting is that you might risk exposing yourself with any infectious disease that your attacker may have.

Is Biting in Self Defense Legal?

You won’t have a problem with the law as long as you have fulfilled the elements that would justify self defense, you did not break any law by doing so, and you can prove that you have used it as a last resort to save yourself from a life-threatening situation.

Still, there are chances wherein your aggressor may press charges if the person believes that you have used unnecessary force. If by chance, you have been charged with battery upon biting your opponent, the recommended solution would be to consult a lawyer to help you build up your defense in the court of law.


While a bite is very effective in a fight, you should take note its repercussions. Only perform it if you no longer have other means to save your life. If you can still punch, headbutt, claw, poke, kick or choke your opponent, don’t bite just yet.

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