Knife Vs Gun in Close Quarter Combat

knife vs gun
Knife vs Gun – Who would win?

A new message came to us recently through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. The email asks about who would win in a close quarter knife vs gun fight.

The issue about who would win between a knife vs gun in close quarter combat has been a subject of numerous debates. Personally, the results of a close range knife vs gun fight would vary as there are many factors that have to be considered.

Elements that Determine the Result of Knife Vs Gun Combat

Here are some factors that may affect the outcome of a gun vs knife fight:

1. Proximity and Speed of Combatants

A knife-wielder can have a chance of winning against someone armed with a gun if he is very close (at least an arm’s length) and that he can actually block the firearm-wielder from drawing his weapon or if he can swipe the gun from the other person’s hand.

2. Preparedness

When the a bullet has already been chambered in the gun, as most people do, all the gun-wielder has to do is point and fire the weapon. This will definitely come as a huge disadvantage to a person armed with only a knife.

3. Distraction

Lack of focus on the part of the person armed with a gun may affect his ability to shoot or react properly. So, one way to win in a knife vs gun combat is by distracting your opponent who has a gun. Then, strike him while his attention is somewhere else.

4. Number of Attackers

A person armed with a gun can be beaten by two or more knife attackers depending on his proximity to the other combatants or their speed. However, this does not guarantee that the person holding the gun will not be able to fire a round or two on one of the knife attackers even when he is stabbed.

Other Factors

There are plenty of other factors that can affect the result of a knife vs gun combat like the weight of the weapon (which can affect the drawing speed of the wielder), type of gun used (which affects its shooting power and number of rounds given off per minute), knife throwing skill of a person (which is effective in a ranged combat) and more.

But personally, I’d always bet on the one holding the gun during this situation because the odds are definitely stacked in his advantage. As they say, do not bring a knife to a gunfight.

Check out this video from Mythbusters for more reasons why you should not bring a knife to a gun fight:

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