Knowing the NRA Gun Safety Course General Rules

NRA gun safety course

The NRA Gun Safety Course is provided by the National Rifle Association not only to improve the skills of a person in using a gun but also to raise their awareness about how to handle a firearm properly to prevent accidents.

Here are the fundamentals taught by the NRA Gun Safety Course to people who undergo self defense training:

1. Keep the gun pointed in a safe direction all the time.

This is the primary and the most important rule taught in the NRA Gun Safety Course. It applies to any gun wielder whether the gun being held is loaded or not. “Safe direction” means an area where unnecessary damage or injury is almost unlikely. So, remember to point the muzzle of the gun only at your intended target to avoid unnecessary injuries or damage to property.

2. Place your finger away from the trigger unless you are ready to shoot.

The next general rule in the NRA Gun Safety Course is always rest your trigger finger to the trigger guard or on the handle of the gun. Avoid placing your finger on the trigger if you are not yet ready to fire. This is to avoid the accidental firing of the firearm which may get you in trouble or put someone else in danger.

3. Unload the gun when not in use.

A loaded gun is very sensitive. A strong pressure in its hammer caused by the accidental dropping of the gun may cause it to go off. Therefore, if you are storing it, never forget to eject its magazine and clear its chamber first. This is a must especially when you have children living with you so that even if any of them accidentally stumbles upon your firearm, they will not be able to fire it easily. The method will prevent thieves or intruders from being able to use the gun you own against you easily too if they will be able to discover its hiding place.

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