What You Need to Learn How to Fight at Home

Domestic violence and home intrusion are difficult things to handle, no matter the situation. However, you can increase your chances of survival by learning how to fight at home. There are several things you have to cover in order to be ready to fight off an attacker, be it a friend or a foe. Additionally, you can prepare yourself by having some extra equipment.

Everything You Need to Earn for Home Self-Defense

  • Ways to escape. A good idea would be to analyze your house and look for any possible escape patterns. Preparing for unfortunate events by already knowing where to run can realistically save your life.
  • Basic self-defense. In most cases of domestic violence, the attacker is not trained in martial arts or any kind of fighting technique. Mastering the basics, like weak points and a few moves to save your life can make the biggest difference imaginable.
  • How to handle knives and other weapons. Defending yourself with a weapon you don’t know how to handle can end up killing you. Take a weapons handling class or ask an expert to give you tips.
  • Using the space to your advantage. You know your home the best and you can use anything from furniture to hiding places to save yourself.

The Essential Items You Need for Proper Self-Defense at Home

SABRE ADVANCED Compact Pepper Spray with Clip

4.3 stars, 3378 reviews

learn how to fight at home with pepper spray

Pepper sprays are one of the best defensive aids you can have at your home. Sabre supplies NYPD, CPD and US Marshals with several models of pepper spray. This particular one has 35 bursts in it and is affordable, making it the ideal thing to have in case of domestic violence or home invasion.

The spray has been tested by several third-party laboratories and it’s confirmed that it can incapacitate an attacker for up to five minutes. With a powerful spray motion, you can disperse the spray up to three meters (10 feet) in any direction. An additional benefit is that the mixture contains invisible UV paint to help the police ID the suspect.

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Cold Steel Brooklyn Crusher

4.5 stars, 365 reviews

learn how to fight at home with a steel baseball bat

The Brooklyn Crushes baseball bat is a multi-purpose tool, but you can definitely have it as a self-defense tool at home. It’s made out of industrial-grade plastic, which can only be broken if you apply force that a human being can’t physically apply. The size is ideal for women and children to use it, if needed.

This special plastic alloy gives you the opportunity to add more power to your punches and save your life with minimal effort.

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EIOU Self-Defence Key Chain Aluminum Anti-Wolf Kubotan Tactical Pen with Handmade

4.4 stars, 220 reviews

Best way to learn how to fight at home

With a specially processed material, this key chain can be the handy self-defense tool you might need at a certain point. You always carry keys on you and they’re at a visible place at home. If something happens, you can stab the attacker with a stiff metal bar. The handles are made to fit any hand size for precise use.

It’s one of the most affordable self-defense tools you can have at your home and grabbing one can be the difference between life and death. Due to the aluminum build, it’s impossible to break or dent it.

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