Liberator 3D Printed Gun Review

liberator 3d printed gun

We have received a new question via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag that asks, “What are the advantages and disadvantages of the 3D printed gun called Liberator in self defense?”

For those who don’t know yet, the Liberator 3D printed gun is the first of its kind which was developed by Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed. The concealed carry handgun uses a .380 caliber bullet as an ammunition and it is based on the .45 caliber World War II concealable handgun with the same name.

Pros of the Liberator 3D Printed Gun

Here are the advantages of choosing the Liberator 3D printed gun as a self defense weapon:

1. The 3D printed concealed handgun can be easily produced provided that you have a 3D printer and that you know where to download its schematics.

2. The pistol can be easily concealed because it is very small. It is also easy to transport because it can be quickly assembled or disassembled.

3. You can opt to replace its metal components with hardened plastic so that it will not trigger metal detectors.

4. Its .380 caliber round is very deadly when it hits vital areas of the body.

Cons of the Liberator 3D Printed Gun

Despite its benefits, choosing it as a self defense weapon has its downsides, these are:

1. The pistol may not be very intimidating due to its plastic make which makes it look like a toy or replica gun.

2. You have to make each shot count since it is only capable of carrying one bullet. In other words, this will not provide you a chance to fire a warning shot.

3. The schematics for the gun is hard to acquire these days because of strict Federal regulations. Licensing the gun can be quite a problem too because of the issues associated with its manufacturer and the product itself. So, getting caught with one can land you to prison if you are in an area with strict laws about concealed handguns.

4. You may get into trouble with the law if you chose to replace its metal components to make it highly concealable.

5. Even if you replace its metal parts so that it will not trigger metal detectors, x-ray scanners will easily reveal it.

6. Its durability is very low compared to standard guns due to its high plastic component.

Should You Use the Liberator 3D Printed Gun in Self Defense?

When using the Liberator 3D printed gun, make sure to fire it at close range only to make sure that you will hit your target. It is deadly indeed but its use can be very limited. The gun has a very low durability which may cause it to misfire or break upon continuous use like what happened to Wilson while he was test-firing his product. Most of all, there are many issues associated with the gun right now so we do not recommend storing or possessing one at the moment.

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