Machete Vs Katana — Which is the More Ideal Weapon in Self Defense

machete vs katana

We never run out of things to talk about regarding self defense weapons. Recently, we received an email through our Mailbag that reads, “Which is a better self defense weapon between the machete vs katana?”

Based on experience and research I would personally go for machete than katana. This is because a machete provides more tactical advantages than katana.

Here is a quick comparison of the features of a machete vs katana:


  • It is easier to draw than a katana due to its shorter blade length.
  • The machete is more concealable than a katana because of its shorter overall length.
  • The heavier weight of the machete actually adds power upon its impact to a target during a downward slash.
  • Unlike a katana, using a machete does not require much skill.
  • Aside from the self defense aspect, a machete provides a lot of usage. This can be used to clear obstacles like vines and branches plus it can also be used for hunting and cooking which makes it a great survival tool.
  • This self defense weapon is easy to maintain.
  • The machete can be bought cheaper than a katana


  • Some training or skills are actually required when handling a katana to ensure its effective use and for safety reasons.
  • The long blade of the katana has the tendency to accidentally hit something when swinging it in narrow spaces, however, this provides a longer reach when stabbing.
  • A katana’s edge and tip is sharper than a machete but its thin blade has the tendency to snap when hitting hard objects.
  • It is easier to swing in any direction but it requires more momentum in order to provide serious damage.
  • A high-quality katana, which closely resembles the features of the one used by the Samurai can be very expensive.

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