Most Effective Rear Naked Choke Counter in Self Defense

rear naked choke counter

A new message was sent to us recently at Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. It said, “What is the most effective rear naked choke counter in self defense?”

Most Effective Rear Naked Choke Counter You Can Use in Self Defense

The rear naked choke is a very dangerous move if applied properly. The hold has the capacity to knock out or kill someone from asphyxiation. Some variations can also be used to break a person’s neck. But whatever version of the hold you might find yourself into, here are ways to effectively get out of it:

1. Play Dirty

The most effective rear naked choke counter is by playing dirty. As we have mentioned repeatedly in our previous articles, actual fights do not adhere to any rules unlike the MMA or other sporting bodies.

So, if there is a chance wherein you can sink your teeth into your opponent’s arm, do it. Bite it until it bleeds. You can also use your nails to claw your way out if biting is not possible. Just squeeze your fingers until your nails drive into your attacker’s skin. If your attacker is a male and you can grab onto his crotch, reach to the portion where his balls are located and grip in until he releases the hold.

No matter how strong your aggressor’s pain tolerance is, a properly executed bite, a claw hold or even the sight of blood dripping from the person’s flesh will either distract him or cause him to let go of the choke.

Other Successful Ways to Counter Rear Naked Choke

Here are other ways for you to get out of this debilitating hold:

2. Foot Stomp

Using your heel, stomp repeatedly on your opponent’s foot like there’s no tomorrow. Don’t stop until you hear or feel a bone crack and until you are free of the choke.

3. Slam Your Opponent

If you are bigger than your opponent and you still have some power left in your body, lift him up by standing straight and slam him repeatedly against a surface. You can surprise your attacker as well by building up momentum, and then, suddenly bow your body forward so he will flip along with it.


Once a rear naked choke has been applied, there is only a short window of time for you to counter it. If you won’t be able to get out of it right away, you will risk suffocation. So, defend yourself right away if you find yourself locked in the move.

Try to delay its effects and increase the time for you to counter it too by not allowing the proper execution of the choke. You can do this by bowing your chin as low as possible and by using your hand to push his arm against you in order to prevent the arm of the aggressor from wrapping your neck completely.

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