New Hampshire Gun Laws

new hampshire gun laws

New Hampshire Gun Laws are based on the State of New Hampshire’s Constitutional Provision which reads, “All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property, and the state.”

New Hampshire Gun Laws only have few restrictions. In general, state laws do not require permit to purchase, registration and licensing of rifle, shotgun or handgun owners. However, a permit to carry is needed by a person who wishes to carry a concealed weapon in areas outside his property which are allowed by the law.

Validity of Permits Issued Under New Hampshire Gun Laws in Other Jurisdictions

Permits issued under New Hampshire Gun Laws are recognized the following states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. Colorado
  6. Florida
  7. Georgia
  8. Idaho
  9. Indiana
  10. Iowa
  11. Kansas
  12. Kentucky
  13. Louisiana
  14. Michigan
  15. Mississippi
  16. Missouri
  17. North Carolina
  18. North Dakota
  19. Oklahoma
  20. Pennsylvania
  21. South Dakota
  22. Tennessee
  23. Utah
  24. Vermont
  25. Wyoming

On the other hand, New Hampshire Gun Laws only honor permits issued from these states:

  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. Arkansas
  5. Colorado
  6. Florida
  7. Georgia
  8. Idaho
  9. Indiana
  10. Iowa
  11. Kentucky
  12. Louisiana
  13. Michigan
  14. Mississippi
  15. Missouri
  16. North Carolina
  17. North Dakota
  18. Oklahoma
  19. Pennsylvania
  20. Tennessee
  21. Utah
  22. Wyoming

Key Provisions of New Hampshire Gun Laws

Here are the key rules and restrictions provided by New Hampshire Gun Laws in addition to the general rules mentioned in the earlier section of this article:

1. A convicted felon is not allowed to own, posses or control any type of gun. Any person who is also subject to a court protective order should surrender all of his firearms and ammunition to authorities.

2. A minor is prohibited from possessing a handgun. He can only do so with the permission of his parent or legal guardian.

3. The people exempted from securing a license to carry handguns are law enforcement officials and members of the US Armed Forces who are in their line of duty. This also extends to individuals who belong in organizations authorized by law to trade or acquire firearms.

4. A person may openly keep a handgun in his vehicle without a permit as long as it is unloaded, exposed and locked inside.

5. Even with a permit, a firearm is not allowed in courtroom area or areas utilized by the court of law. Exemptions to the prohibition are the duly authorized persons to carry firearm in their line of duty within the court room like the police, guards and other sanctioned court officials.

6. The application for a license to carry shall be submitted to the mayor or chief of police of the town where the applicant resides. This is subject to certain documentary requirements and fees required by the state.

7. The issuing authority may deny an application for a license to carry if he has reasonable grounds to believe that the applicant is a threat to life and property. Only reasons pertaining to self-defense, hunting and target shooting shall be considered by the issuing authority as valid ground to possess a license to carry.

8. Only machine guns duly registered under federal laws are allowed in the state.

9. Any firearm with altered, defaced or removed identifying marks is illegal.

10. Firing a gun within 300 feet of an occupied building without the approval of its owner is prohibited. It is also illegal to fire a gun across a public road or right of way of a highway

11. Using Teflon-coated, exploding or armor piercing rounds while committing a misdemeanor or felony is considered to be as a separate count of felony.


New Hampshire Gun Laws reserve the right to regulate sale, purchase, acquisition, permitting, transportation, taxation, possession, licensing, or other subjects connected to firearms and ammunition to the state and federal government. Any ordinances passed by its political subdivisions regarding those matters are considered to be null and void.

New Hampshire Gun Laws also protect gun manufacturers, dealers and importers from being sued due to the illegal or improper use of their products by their consumers.

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