Ninja Shuko Hand Claws Self Defense Weapons Review

ninja shuko hand claws self defense weapons

The Ninja Shuko Hand Claws are designed to replicate one of the tools used by ninjas. These are worn in the hands to improve their traction when climbing, scaling walls or crawling in slippery surfaces like ice. The claws of these are actually made of steel with adjustable nylon wristbands.

These ninja claws are available in a 2-piece set complete with the straps. The products can be bought in Amazon for around $13.34 up to $25.95.

Aside from the Ninja Shuko Hand Claws’ potentials as tools to accomplish various feats, these objects can be used as self defense weapons too.

Ninja Shuko Hand Claws Self Defense Weapons Advantages

The Ninja Shuko Hand Claws can be used to provide your palms more damaging power. You can actually use its spikes to scratch or cut the skin of your opponent with downward palm strikes similar to the attacks of clawed animals. You can also use this to cling to the skin of your opponent during self defense situations.

Its four sharp spikes, when used effectively as self defense weapons, will really open up a serious wound in your opponent’s skin. This can be very deadly when used in the neck or areas of the body where the main veins are located. Expect an ugly gush of blood and searing pain on the part of your target when that happens. A grapple with the combination of this will surely immobilize your opponent.

Ninja Shuko Hand Claws Self Defense Disadvantages

Despite being advertised as an evasion tool, the Ninja Shuko Hand Claws can be very cumbersome when used in climbing or clinging to walls. These will only assist you in climbing but you cannot expect it to be able to hold your entire weight.

In addition, using it for climbing can be very uncomfortable because its metal part ahs the tendency to dig into the hands. But one way to go over this is by adding an extra padding or bandage to cushion the metal against your hands.

Lastly, remember that you can only depend on this in close quarter combat self defense.

Source: Amazon

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