Pistol Jam — Ways to Clear It Fast During Self Defense

double feed pistol jam

Your pistol is your best friend when you run out of options to defend yourself in life-threatening events. However, it could also be your worst nightmare if it fails to work right when you need it the most.

Recently, we have received a message via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag asking us ways on how to fix a pistol jam wherein one or more rounds are stuck in its chamber.

Personally, I had my own handgun jam at me because of a double feed on more than one occasion during target practice. Usually, what I do is remove the magazine and then pull the slider to help the gun eject the stuck round. After that, I insert the magazine back again and reload it to continue firing.

But the problem with this method is that it is time consuming. Remember that we are talking about self defense here, so every second counts. A split second delay could spell life or death.

I looked for easier ways to solve this technical issue online and found a quick and practical fix from a YouTube video provided by Thunder Ranch’s director, Clint Smith.

Tap, Reload and Shoot

Smith demonstrated that the quickest way to solve this problem is by tapping the base your magazine with enough force using your palm. Then, pull the slide of the pistol to reload and resume firing. This initial solution works on any kind of pistol jam like double feed, failed feed or a situation where the shell does not get ejected correctly.

Eject Magazine, Reload and Shoot

If that does not work, that’s where you must eject the magazine and then pull the slide fully twice to make sure that all the stuck rounds are ejected properly. Next, reinsert the magazine, reload and continue firing.

Video on How to Clear a Pistol Jam

Check out the video below from Thunder Ranch for a more detailed demonstration on how this solution works:

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Source: YouTube

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