Powerful Poisons and Explosives Out of Household Items

A new email recently sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag reads, “Hi, how do you make simple poison gas and explosives out of household items?”

Making poison gas or explosives out of household items are not really recommended for self defense because of the very obvious reason that you may put yourself in danger or burn your place in the process. That does not even include the possible felonies that you might commit along the way if you are caught possessing or tinkering with poison gas and explosives.

But, if the situation really calls for it, like when you are trapped in a house with an armed mob determined to kill you, then, here are recipe for poison gas and explosives out of household items that you can make:

1. Poison Gas

poison gas

You can make a poison gas out of materials normally found in kitchens and laundry areas. These are bleach and drain cleaner. Bleach contains sodium hypochlorite and a drain cleaning acid contains hydrochloric acid. The resulting chemical reaction is a nasty chlorine gas plus some unreacted hydrochloric acid that is still a potent mixture.

Chlorine gas is guaranteed to cause death by asphyxiation after prolonged exposure. On the other hand, the remaining unreacted hydrochloric acid can be ignited to create fire.

Make sure not to inhale any of the gas coming out of the chemicals though and it should also be reminded that a poison gas will only work well in enclosed environments.

2. Napalm

explosives out of household items

Napalm is basically a highly flammable jelly that cannot be extinguished by conventional means like throwing water into it or pouring sand.

You can create napalm by crushing some styrofoam and then soaking it in a bucket or container filled with gasoline. Use a ladle or long stick to mix the two until you create a very sticky goo. Simply use any igniting tool to light it and you will have napalm that is guaranteed to burn anything really bad.

Be careful not to put any goo on your skin or clothing because you might catch fire as well.

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