98 Decibal Door Guard Knob Alarm


$20.40 $20.40

98 decibal alarm
Installs in seconds
No wiring or tools needed


This door knob alarm is a dual purpose 98db alarm which may also be used as a flashlight. It acts as a both a burglar alarm and a personal flashlight. Hang it on any metal door knob and it right away and automatically sounds when an intruder touches the door knob. The usage of the plastic loop, hang your Door Guard on the knob of the door you want to give protection to. Place the alarm as as regards to the door as imaginable; ideally, it will have to be touching the surface.

Hang the Flipo Door Guard Alarm on any style door knob or deadbolt lock in your house or place of business. Simply turn it on and hang it on. If the door moves, the alarm sounds. The Door Guard Alarm even features a convenient LED flashlight. Uses 2 AAA Batteries(not included). Features variable sensitivity settings emergency LED light. Excellent for traveling or hotel stay.
98 decibal alarm
Installs in seconds
No wiring or tools needed
Alarms any door with metal door knobs
Instant alarm activation for personal use

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