Mace Pepper Spray Soft-Case Nylon Holster


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Custom fit holster for your Mace Pepper Gun.
Nylon material to prevent noise in the field.
Moulded to fit the Mace Pepper Gun.


The Mace Pepper Gun is without doubt one of the most accurate defense sprays to be had. The OC pepper spray formula is contained in a replaceable cartridge. The cartridge utilizes advanced bag-in-a-can technology that lets you spray a constant stream,reaching up t
Custom fit holster on your Mace Pepper Gun.
Nylon subject material to forestall noise within the field.
Moulded to suit the Mace Pepper Gun.
Holster features snap closures and belt loops.
Holster allows for simple get admission to and convienient storage of your Mace Pepper Gun.

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