Pros and Cons of Using Crossbow for Self Defense

crossbow for self defense

“What are the advantages and disadvantages of using crossbow for self-defense?” This question was recently sent to us via Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag. So, here is a quick discussion of the pros and cons of using this weapon for self defense.

Advantages of Utilizing Crossbow for Self Defense

The most obvious tactical advantage provided by a crossbow in self defense is that it can shoot projectiles without making a noise. Using this will not reveal your position easily unlike a gun which produces a sound that will let your enemies pinpoint your location quickly.

Then, when firing within its effective range, it is very deadly because of its high penetrating power.

Next, its bolts can be reused as you can just pick it up and load it again. Of course, this is provided that it is still in good condition after firing.

Moreover, a crossbow has higher accuracy compared to a gun due to its lack of recoil when firing a round.

Lastly, you can easily own this type of weapon in places with strict gun laws.

Disadvantages of Making Use of a Crossbow for Self Defense

Going to a crossbow’s downsides, the first disadvantage provided by this long range weapon is that it is big and bulky making it hard to conceal.

Second, you can only load and shoot one bolt at a time. This puts you at a huge disadvantage when dealing head-on with multiple attackers who are approaching you.

Third, reloading can be a hassle since you have to pull back the string and position the bolt every time you finish firing it. So, make sure that each of your shot counts.

Lastly,  its effective range can only be around 25 up to 50 yards. However, with a good type of crossbow, you can increase your range more than the mentioned figures according to expert crossbow users.

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