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pro wrestling conditioning

One question recently came in through Best Self Defense Weapons Mailbag which reads, “While watching pro wrestling, I was quite amazed at how the competitors can dish out a huge amount of damage to their opponents. Normally, the moves executed there may already seriously injure someone, but still, the athletes are still able to endure everything. How can that be? Is there some kind of pro wrestling conditioning that they do?”


While moves executed in pro wrestling appear very painful or injurious, the competitors in the ring still manage to get up and compete in the next event without a trace of injury partly due to the pro wrestling conditioning that they do. They work out and train a lot in order to be able to build up their strength, endurance, agility, resistance to pain and to develop other physical attributes.

However, it should be noted that the pro wrestler’s ability to defend themselves from injury has little to do with their pro wrestling conditioning. That’s because in real life, if your opponent spikes your head on the mat, there is a big chance for you to break your neck instantly despite how physically conditioned you may be.

In reality, pro wrestlers rely on each other when in the ring. They constantly communicate to each other about the moves that they are about to dish out to each other or have planned them carefully before their match stars.

Anticipating every move prepares them and helps them avoid serious injury, aside from their physical conditioning. I am not saying that the moves are fake because many of them can legitimately hurt even when delivered in a choreographed way. But the planned nature of each match has a strong influence on how pro wrestlers are able to protect each other from injury even when performing dangerous moves.

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