Recommended Coldsteel Training Knives For Self Defense

Coldsteel Training Knives

Nothing beats practice; this is a universal truth because it helps you get prepared in the things to come. In self defense, it is important to train yourself well in order to prepare you physically and mentally when the need arises. A self defense weapon is not very effective and it even has the tendency to cause harm to the person wielding it with improper handling. So, this is where the Coldsteel training knives come in.

About Coldsteel Training Knives

Coldsteel training knives are made to imitate Coldsteel’s famous combat knives. However, the sharp steel blades have been replaced by blunt Santoprene rubber blades to protect the user and his or her sparring partner from body injury. The rubber blades make the product ideal for solo practice, teaching self defense and even studying techniques with a partner.

A Reminder About Coldsteel Training Knives

Although the blades of the Coldsteel training knives are made out of rubber blades, the products still have the tendency to cause injuries. The firmness of the training self defense weapon can still cause bruises or slight cuts when forcefully used against a person. It is also very dangerous when it hits vital parts of the body like the eyes. Thus, users and their partners are recommended to use protective gears when using these practice knives.

Recommended Coldsteel Training Knives

Here are some of the best Coldsteel training knives that you can select from:

1. Trench Knife Tanto Trainer

Coldsteel Training Knives trench knife

The Trench Knife Tanto Trainer has an overall length of 13 ½ inches. Its practice blade measures 7 ½ inches. The product weighs approximately 6 ounces. This is a new addition to Coldsteel’s line of training knives.

2. Leatherneck S/F Trainer

leatherneck coldsteel training knives

The Leatherneck S/F Trainer has a total length of 12 inches. Its rubber blade is 12 inches long and its weight is only 4.1 ounces.

3. Rubber Trainer (Peace Keeper 1)

peace keeper 1 coldsteel training knives

This Santoprene-made knife is 12 ¼ inches long. Its blade has a measurement of 7 inches and it only weighs 3.2 ounces.

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