Red Guardian 28-Inch Sword Self Defense Weapon Review

Red Guardian sword Self Defense Weapon Review

The Red Guardian 28-inch sword is a nasty looking self defense weapon. It features a pointed tip, razor sharp edge and serrated sections on each side of the blade. The blade of the sword is made up stainless steel with heat-treated black bake finish to give it a very menacing aura. Then, its grip has a red leather-wrapped handle.

The Red Guardian 28-inch sword is sold in Amazon for around $14.85 up to $23.00 which already includes a free sheath.

Red Guardian 28-Inch Sword Self Defense Weapon Advantages

The Red Guardian sword is a bit similar to the self defense weapons that we featured earlier like the BladesUSA HK-6090 Fantasy Sword and the Secret Agent Tactical Ninja Sword. However, what makes this one stand out from the two is that the smooth sharpened edge of this sword is longer. Also, the weapon offers a longer reach than the other two mentioned.

The Red Guardian sword can be used for slicing or stabbing an opponent. A precise swing of this self defense weapon will surely open up a vicious cut that will result to bleeding and even death when it strikes critical areas of the body.

Red Guardian 28-Inch Sword Self Defense Weapon Disadvantages

The Red Guardian sword is hard to conceal because of its length. So, this is only perfect for home use. In addition to this, due to capability of the weapon to inflict very serious injuries, it is not advisable for you to use this self defense weapon if you are not prepared to face the consequences of killing someone.

Lastly, never attempt to use this against a person armed with a gun or a longer ranged weapon.

Is this a Reliable Self Defense Weapon?

The ugly-looking blade of the Red Guardian sword definitely translates into a mean-looking wound. Therefore, this is reliable in life threatening situations during home invasion.

Source: Amazon

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